Your last chance to try the widest range of beers ever seen at Eccles RFC

Following last week’s events, the beer stock, in the words of a famous football commentary,  “took a heck of a beating”.  So with levels running low, now is the time to try the last few beers of our world famous beer festival.  All have been kept in top condition by our passionate, or should I say obsessed, cellar staff.

The remaining beers are all listed below;

Theakstons                        Old Peculiar (5.6%) – World Famous Old Ale

Dunham Massey                Choc Cherry mild (3.8%) – Award winning Mild

Blackjack                            Stout (5.0%) – Better than the Irish stuff

Wychwood                           Hobgoblin (4.5%) – A taste to scare the Lager Boys

Vagrant                                South Central Pale (5.6%) – Unique Cask Ale, normally only found in  keg.

Squawk                               Single Hopped Centennial (6.0%) – An IPA as it should be.

Track                                  Ozark (4.4%) – Refreshing Pale Ale

Seven Bro7hers                 Stout (5.2%) – See Blackjack Stout

Beer Studio                        Paddock wood (4.2%) – Special from Hydes Brewery

Millstone                             True Grit (5.0%) – Strong Ale for the strong of heart.

Hornbeam                          Top Hop (4.2%) – It’s that good even the old fogies like it.

Marstons                             King of swing (3.8%) – Pale Ale brewed by Jimmy Anderson no less.

If that’s not enough reason to come down to the club, here are a few more;

Wednesday – Senior Training plus Chelsea vs Barcelona on the box.

Thursday – Touch tournament

Friday – D of E Gold expedition presentation to leaders, come and see Matt’s road kill photos.

So let’s be ‘aving yer.


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