World cup tickets 2015

The Rugby World Cup in 2015 is getting nearer!  To recognise the contribution of people who support the game week in and week out the tournament organisers have released some tickets in a “Rugby Community Priority Access Sale”. We have now got details of how this is going to work, which is very different to the one for Autumn Internationals or the Six Nations.

There are two types of allocation:

1)      The 10 games played at Twickenham and

2)      The 38 games played at the other venues (including the England game at the Etihad Stadium).

We have a very small allocation for the Pool games at Twickenham but a good allocation for all of the 38 Pool games, where we are not limited for any match or venue, just an overall total with tickets allocated on a “first come – first served” basis.

There are 4 price bands for all matches with Category A being the most expensive and Category D being the cheapest. We do not have a specific allocation for each price of ticket, we just have a number allocation and this is regardless of the price of the ticket. Obviously there are less of the lowest price tickets (Category D) and these will be the first to go. So people should be prepared to have to pay the middle (Category C and Category B) prices or possibly even the top price (Category A)

If we don’t use our full allocation of tickets the rest will be returned to the general pool for later sale to the general public. So there is no cost to Eccles if we do not use our full allocation.




England Games

All but one of England’s games are being played at Twickenham and the prices for the England Pool games range from £75 (Category D) to £315 (Category A). England are also playing at the Etihad Stadium where the prices range from £50 (Category D) to £250 (Category A).

Child prices are available for all of the Pool games, but not for any in the Knockout Stages.

Other Games

There are cheaper ways to be part of this great rugby occasion. As an example, you could watch Scotland play at Elland Road in Leeds for £20 for an adult and £15 for a child. The same prices are available for the Australia game at Villa Park in Birmingham. It is even cheaper if you went to watch Canada play at Leicester as it is only £15 for an adult and a mere £7 for a child. Even the most expensive ticket is only £60 for this match. All these venues are an easy day out in terms of journey time and a more affordable way to enjoy a World Cup experience and then you can join with everyone else and support England with a great day in our own clubhouse.

Full details of all of the venues and the prices can be found on the Eccles Notice Board.



There are a number of strict rules for us to follow for these tickets:

a)      Only people who are registered can apply online to buy tickets. Tickets can only be bought online and by the registered themselves.

b)     All registered people must be current club members i.e. formally registered as a club member on 13th September 2013, have (by 31st October 2013) paid the relevant subscriptions and be over 16 years old

c)       You can’t buy  more than 4 tickets for any one match

d)      You will need to agree to the terms and conditions of sale during the online process

e)      You have to pay for the tickets when you select your match / price per ticket i.e. all tickets must be fully paid for in May / June this year

f)       Tickets are for personal use. They cannot be sold, they cannot be used as part of sponsor packages and they cannot be used as part of a hospitality or travel package.

g)      If you buy tickets you can take 1-3 guests (depending on how many tickets you bought) but you must attend the game yourself.

h)      All tickets will be delivered to your registered home address

i)        If anyone is found breaking any of these rules then there is a significant risk ALL of Eccles tickets will be cancelled




There are two parts to the process for getting tickets:

1)      Registration

Everyone who wants to try to buy any tickets at all must be registered by the club on the World Cup website. There is a limit to the number of club members who can be registered.

Anyone who wants the opportunity to buy tickets must complete an “Eccles World Cup Registration” form (behind the bar from 1st April) and send it to Carolyn Radcliff before 20th April 2014. If more than our allowed number of registrations have been received by this date we will hold a ballot to select those who will be registered. If there are less registrations received everyone will be registered and any late registrations will also be processed until our limit is reached. No registrations at all can be processed after May 5th 2014.

If you were registered you will receive an email from the World Cup web site when your details are loaded on the site. This will be sometime between May 6th and May 15th. Your next step will be to logon to the World Cup site and complete your registration process. Tickets can be purchased anytime until 30th June 2014.

If you would like to be considered for any of the matches at Twickenham you must also complete the relevant section of the form. In this section you have to say which match you would like to attend and confirm you will are willing to pay the Category A price for the match for all of your tickets e.g. if you and your family would like to go to the England vs Wales Pool game on Sept 26th 2015 you would enter the “England vs Wales 26 Sep”, enter “4” for the number of tickets and enter the total maximum price of “1,260” and finally confirm you would be willing to pay for these tickets at the Category A price.

You may not have to pay this much but these might be the only price tickets left when you logon. It is important you confirm you are willing to pay for the Category A tickets to ensure we make best use of our very limited number of tickets.


2)      Applying for Tickets

Once the tickets become available on 16th May you can start to apply for tickets. All ticket prices are available “first come first served” basis. If you apply for tickets at a venue at a price which is not available you will be offered any other price seats which have availability.

Tickets must be paid for immediately.

Once all Eccles allocation has gone no-one will be able to buy any more for any game or any price.


Important dates


April 20th: Everyone must have completed the “Eccles World Cup Registration” form

June 30th: Ticket sales end. This is the last day you can apply for tickets