Whats the point of Mini's Juniors & Colts?

A Personal Note:

As the nights are drawing in and the weather is getting worse by the minute.  Cold and wet to say the least, the Mini & Junior Coaches, oh and Dave with the Colts, may be wondering why they bother.

Well just one look at the first team as selected this week end will tell you why they should.  By my calculations, of the 18 players selected, 14 have come up through the ranks of the Minis, Juniors and Colts.  Going into closer detail, 8 of the players were aged 21 or under at the start of the season.  I would be surprised if any club in the region could boast those sort of numbers.

And it’s not just the first team, the whole club is made up of colts or ex-colts, which is the reason why the club has been able to start a fourth team this season.

Even in the Ladies team, this year we have the first player to come through the ranks of the Girls teams to play for the senior side.

So well done to all Mini, Junior, Colts, yes and Girls coaches for their efforts, commitment and determination.  As a player you should always remember your roots, and as a parent I hope you can appreciate the work being put in.  I only hope that all the kids can be inspired to achieve their true potential, whatever senior team they end up playing for.

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