Under 9s Match Report – 23/4/17 – Widnes v Eccles

The Eccles U9s had an away game against Widnes. Eccles were a few members down due to School holidays fielding one team with one sub every 10 minutes as did Widnes.

Squad: Alex, Alfie, Conor, Flynn, Max, Michael, Owen, Sandy.

Playing in the sunshine (2nd time in a row!), it seemed that the Eccles U9s were perhaps feeling the effects of all the Easter eggs last weekend as the first 10 minutes saw strong defensive play and a real sense of urgency from Widnes putting 5 clear tries over the line before the first break.

In the following quarter, there was more an urgency from the Eccles U9s but despite some good strong defensive play and a couple of forays into the Widnes 22 by Alex, Max and Alfie, Widnes attacked with lightning speed to score another 5 tries.

After a quick drink and a rest given the punishing midday heat, a real team effort saw Owen make a lovely pass to Max who drove forward to pass it to Sandy who edged another couple of yards before passing to Conor who passed to Alfie to score our first try of the match. With slightly more confidence, Eccles U9s began to challenge more balls and push forward with contributions from Alfie, Alex, Conor and Flynn and a nice pass out to Michael in space, giving Eccles their second of the day.

From the restart, Widnes responded quickly leaving ERFC U9s team often watching from behind to score another 2 tries! Eccles followed up by creating good, strong drives up the middle with Owen, Max, Michael, Alex and Sandy showing some strong defensive moves/tackles. With a quick pass from Owen to Conor, Michael found a gap and scored our third try of the match. Despite some good tackles and passes, the next 5 minutes were dominated by Widnes who went on to score 3 more tries.

The final quarter saw ERFC put Widnes under a lot of pressure with great runs from Conor, Michael and Max scoring our fourth try. More positive play from ERFC U9s followed with strong drives forward, good passing and clever connecting play from Owen, Flynn, Sandy and Alfie allowing Michael to break down the right wing and score our fifth try. With a final word of encouragement from the coaches, ERFC U9s displayed a great team effort to push forward, making clever passes to enable Michael to get on the scoresheet again but Widnes defense proved too strong, keeping possession to score their final 3 tries.

Final Score: Widnes 18 – 6 Eccles (Michael [3]; Max [2]; Alfie [1]

Men of the match: The whole team gets a mention here – with everyone pulling together to compete against a very strong team – well done boys!