Under 9’s Eccles v Sedgley Park 29th September

It was a lovely Sunday afternoon at the end of September and Eccles Under 9’s were all set for their first ever contact match of Rugby against Sedgley Park.  We had a strong and large team of confident and excited players.  As our first team lined against Sedgley waiting the “Whistle” it reminded me of the scene from Armageddon when the most unlikely people are about to save the world.

As the game started Eccles were strong and were straight in with a try from Matthew supported by Ava. But Sedgley hit back with an equalising try.  The team did not let this hang for long and hit straight back again with another try from Matthew this time supported by Ernie.  Ernie then wanting some of his own glory scored for Eccles making it 3-2 but again Sedgley came back with another to equalise. Then Theo gave us the edge once again. Unfortunately Sedgley’s weetabix kicked in and they got another 2. Not put off Matthew fought back with an awesome tackle. Mikey then came from nowhere and scored for Eccles just before half time making it 5-7 to Sedgley.  After a short water break Eccles came back fighting.  With a switch round so our extensive team all got a turn to join in.  Liam ( Not mine sadly) came on with I don’t know what in his boots but he flew through the defensive line and scored. Once again Sedgley were not to be out done and hit back with another try. this was the story for the remainder of the match with Liam scoring once more and Nicholas bringing our score up to 8 against an impressive 10.  All in all a magnificent first performance from our Under 9’s.  They showed good team work and organisation throughout and made Sedgley work for their win.

Eccles being the strong team that they are went on to play a 2nd game against Sedgley. The opposition came back as strong as they finished the 1st game and scored almost immediately, Matthew got us one back but again Sedgley just kept coming by the end of the 1st half Eccles were trying their best to keep Sedgley at bay but thoughts were turning to Sausage and chips and mouths were beginning to water at the thought as they saw other teams leaving the pitch to get theirs.  However no one banked on the resilience of Liam (again not mine, I wonder if I could swap?) who came back on with a look in his eyes that would worry the under 11’s! he was like a machine, supported beautifully by the team he scored, and scored and scored and scored and scored helped along with a wonderful run and try from Mickey we came out top with a lovely score of 8-5.

As a first match goes not only of the season but of contact all I can say is watch this space and look for the most impressive under 9’s Ever……..

Kev and Pete have agreed that a Man of the Match award will be given after each game, this week it is awarded to Liam for his ability to identify space, strong running going forward that resulted in the 5 tries he scored. So well done Liam.