Under 8s Vs Trafford MV – Home – 26th October 2014

This week’s session for the Under 8’s was home against Trafford MV, who must have come by bus – as there were so many of them!

It was a remarkable turn out by our Eccles players too, with everyone on time and well behaved in getting hold of tops and tag belts.

A big thanks to the children for this, as it gets the session going much quicker – there were even some warm-up drills going on before the real action started!

We fielded two Under 8 teams, Team A consisted of Reece, Lucas, Archie and Josh and was coached by Martin.

Team 1 consisted of Ben, Lewis, Zac, Mitchell and Harry and was coached by Sean.

Both teams played well, the scores seemed to not matter today – as the focus was on playing some excellent rugby, although some of our players were seen ‘walking’ the ball towards a try, so the balance was definitely in our favour.

Star of the week for Team A was Archie, for controlling the defensive line and the outstanding play.

Star of the week for Team 1 was Lewis, due to scoring a try every time he got the ball.

As we had four games on the astroturf today due to good numbers from both Eccles and Trafford MV, we had four pitches (2 x U7’s and 2 x U8’s), and I don’t think for the Under 8’s the pitches were big enough to take full advantage of the ‘Eccles speed’ that we have from every player.

The pitch sizes certainly make a difference to our game, due to the pace we have – so our home games should certainly be played on the biggest pitch possible! Something for us to look at.

Also, a massive thanks to Zac’s Mum for taking the kit home to be washed, a particular pleasure I’m sure we’ll all enjoy when our turn comes around!

Finally, I think we were all impressed by the Trafford MV turnout, so the final message to all the parents and children is that if you have school mates interested, then please spread the word – the more players we have the better!

Back to training next week at home, so see you all then.