Under 8s Vs Trafford MV – Away – 1st March 2015

Firstly, I’d like to acknowledge the bravery of all who attended the match on Sunday away at Trafford MV. Hostile arctic conditions, which I thought might have been close to those found in the cold vacuum of space, made it a challenge for all hardened spectators, let alone the children who were turning blue.

Trafford were present in significant numbers meaning that our team of starlets had to play three matches of 15 minutes. Given the game time, I’ll try and summarise as best as I can some of the highlights. Sorry for the lack of detail.

Eccles fielded a strong side for all games consisting of Lewis, Charlie, Mitchell, Harry, Charlie, Guy, Lucas and Reece. Overall, the performance was very good, especially from an attacking point of view. Off -loading of the ball was impressively quick and often to the most appropriate choice of supporting player. With a team of power and explosive pace, Eccles enjoyed the better of the play across all three matches. I genuinely feel that if we can get the boys used to taking the ball at pace and hitting the opposition defence at speed, then we’d be pretty much unstoppable. This would certainly offset any defensive frailties.

Defensive play was generally good, with some superb last ditch tagging. Maintaining a good line and pressing quickly from an opposition start is something that could be improved, but generally it was good.

Rather than try to weave in individual performances into the matches, I thought I would comment on each player

Lewis – Starting to return to his old ‘freight train’ self. All in all though, some good powerful runs, resulting in a couple of tries with quick hands taking plenty of tags.
Mitchell – Clearly developing a ‘freight train’ style of his own was enjoying smashing through the Trafford defence, knocking the opposition out of the way with a smile on his face. Good powerful running got him on the score sheet for all three matches. Some great tags too.
Harry – Good defensive work throughout with a number of his trademark runs, tucking the ball by his side to help the team maintain their positive play into the opposition half
Charlie – A few minutes late the match (Andrew, get a SatNav!) wasted no time influencing play. The left hand corner was clearly his favoured target causing havoc each time, either scoring tries or setting up supporting players to finish. Some great tagging too.
Guy – Superb performance in attack and defence all morning with explosive pace causing the opposition all kinds of problems. Was on the score sheet for all three matches with a great ‘never say die’ approach in defence. Lost count of how many important tags he took.
Lucas – With his Dad coaching from the sidelines, Lucas was naturally out to impress, and impress he did. Whilst Lucas was very effective with some of his own weaving runs, he was particularly effective in close support play, reaping the benefit with a number of tries.
Reese – THE ROCKET was naturally our secret weapon when we were desperate for a try. Such instant speed meant that the opposition were quite helpless to prevent him from scoring a number of important tries


Game one: Trafford 8 Eccles 9
Game two: Trafford 11 Eccles 9
Game three: Phone ran out of battery (oops), but I’m pretty sure we won this one convincingly 🙂


A tough one, but I’m going to go with Mitchell this week who delivered a powerful display, most importantly with a big smile on his face.