Under 8s Vs Leigh – Home – Sunday 23rd November 2014

A brilliant turn out from the U8’s meant that we fielded two teams against Leigh. Once again, thanks to the parents and kids for getting there on time. It makes a huge difference to starting on time, and keeping part of Sunday for things other than rugby.

A big pat on the back goes to the kids for simply getting into teams and not worrying about who is with who etc. This is brilliant to see and is a great reflection of what a good bunch of kids they are. It’s also great to see the kids at the end of the games, take the initiative and congratulate the opponents. These are important aspects to the game, which the kids have demonstrated they understand. Keep it up boys.

Team A consisted of Reece, Zach, Charlie, Ben W and Ben H and was managed by Sean, much to the delight of the children. The boys tell me there’s nothing better than getting brought into line and getting shouted at by Sean at 1030 on a Sunday morning……..

Game 1 (20-20 – no scores were kept, the rugby was so good both sides forgot to count!)

STAR OF THE WEEK was Zac for getting lots of tries, but an excellent performance all round from the boys. Good teamwork, and great passing before being tagged. It was a brilliant game to watch, and the boys are really coming on well. Ben H walking backwards to get a try was the highlight of the game for me.

Game 2 (14-12 to Eccles)

Well, it was with a bit of apprehension that we strolled across the pitch to play the second game. Martin informed us all that this Leigh team were brilliant, and indeed some of the players were just under 8 foot tall, never mind under 8 years of age.

Anyway, with a pep talk from Sean the boys took control and gave Leigh a lesson in pace, skill and nimbleness – despite Leigh starting with 6 players against our 5.

Ben H and Charlie’s snake hips, Ben W’s hopping over players, Reece’s pace and Zac’s tries sealed the game for Eccles, in a good performance, with a few wobbles – it was the closest game I’ve seen this season.

Leigh played well, catching us out by coming from deep and running onto the ball. Something we need to work on. Leigh had good attacking formations, but our defensive line held well and our pace carried us through. I’m sure Sean will advise us on what to focus on training next week.

STAR OF THE WEEK was Charlie for playing through to the end, whilst feeling a bit poorly. Great character there and teamwork.

Next week is a training session at Gorton Street, see you next Sunday