Under 8s Training, Sunday 14th September 2014

Already 2 sessions into the new season … doesn’t time fly.

Due to numbers we still had a mixed U7s and U8s session with 13 in attendance plus two new (abd very shy faces in Finley and Finley. Last year was Joshes this year Finleys!! Anyways a big eccles welcome to you both and I hope you return next week

Enthusiasm was still on a high for most although Archie seemed to bring a funny round thing … not sure whats going on there!

For most of the drills I was absent (tu tut I hear you say … neglecting my duties) trying to coax the two Finleys in to joining in … but no (wasnt for want of trying)

The drills were based around ball handling, passing under,over, left, right, in, out , do the okie cokie and turn around thats what its all about!!!! The off-season rust was evident but the enjoyment and competiveness displayed made up for it. We still have a way to go to get back to the levels at the end of last year.

The game at the end was brilliant with everyone giving it a go and getting stuck in. The minor bumps and bruises that would have had floods of tears last year now largely ignored and the kids just getting on with it. We still have a bit of work to do on positioning and forward running. We have developed a tendancy to run sideways or backwards resulting in their team mates constantly being off-side. Coupled with the “we must pass the ball to the furthest player” rather than a simple pass could spell disaster under match conditions.

That being said, the defence side of proceedings was good. Walking up and pressing the ball carriers was noticable (with little encouragement needed) and only a small number of tried conceeded in a 30 minute spell.

STAR OF THE WEEK. A number of good performances this week including the two Bens showing good agility and poise. There were also determined and gritty runs from Sandy and Peggy (which bodes well for the U7s matches). STAR OF THE WEEK goes to Reece. He scored a number of tries out wide on the wings and demonstrated his electric pace on numerous occasions scoring in the process. Well done.

Please also note that on the website Sunday 5th October was listed as “Training”. We will however be going into a tournament up at Rossendale instead.

Next week we have training again and then the following week is the first match of the season, at home to Segely Park.