Under 7s Vs Sedgley Park – 1st February 2015

The weather was particularly cold on Sunday morning and it took some warming up to get everyone raring to go.

The squad was split into two teams:

Team A managed and reported on by Danny (many thanks, much appreciated) consisted of Oliver, Peggy, Josh, Finley.

Team A got off to a steady start but were initially caught out with the physical style of play from their Sedgley opponents. Mattve, on loan from home side got stuck in against his team mates and this inspired ERFC to follow suite and the tackles (metaphorical of course) soon started flying in with some great tagging from Finley in particular.

There were some good runs through the middle from Josh who appears to have found his confidence in attacking. Peggy was providing excellent leadership with calls of ‘defensive line on me!!’ which stabilised the ERFC defence against the onslaught of Sedgley runs (especially from one particularly taller player).

The excellent tagging from ERFC stopped Sedgley from running away with the score line and a steady flow of tries from Oliver kept ERFC in the game. The cold took it’s toll with a number of players from ERFC and Sedgley dropping out at the end of game one.

Game 2 for Team A started with just Oliver, Josh and Sedgley’s Matt lining up for the start. Sedgley were definitely a physically bigger team but the pre-match team talk saw Oliver and Josh defiantly accept the challenge and the game began.

Despite being ‘outgunned and outnumbered’, the ‘three amigo’s’ of Oliver, Josh and Matt really took the game to Sedgley, with some great runs from the little guest player, weaving through his team mates and scoring – he clearly enjoys playing and this rubbed off on Oliver and Josh who used their strengths to great effect. Josh’s tagging was decisive as ever and he continued with his strong runs through the middle to the try line. However, it was Oliver’s turn to shine this week with his amazing runs and so many tries I lost count – Oliver really stepped up to the challenge and he clearly enjoyed his flurry of tries.

Something else to note and be proud of was ERFC’s discipline on the field. Despite the physical style of Sedgley, ERFC were not intimidated and ERFCs tagging was clean and tidy and the team were accepting of the referee’s decisions, very mature and professional!!

Team A’s STAR OF THE WEEK was Oliver for his great contribution, determination and fantastic tries. Well done!

A special thanks to the two Sedgley players (Mattve and Matthew) who without fuss, joined ERFC for the games and still put 100% effort in

Team 1 managed and reported on by Lee consisted of Sandy, Flynn, Michael, Tyler

Great game had by all – although it was very (very) cold. Superb play by the boys, Michael’s usual speed and snake hips, Flynn’s excellent ball handling skills, and Sandy & Tyler on the super runs.

Sedgley Park were a little on the physical side, and our boys did well to adapt to this.

STAR OF THE WEEK for Team 1 goes to Tyler who was constantly plagued by the biggest 7 year old I’ve ever seen.

Well done all the players. It’s not about the winning, you did well in both games.

Danny & Lee