Under 7s Vs Leigh/Ashton-on-Mersey – Home – 23rd November 2014

Some days we have no concentration, some days we are just giddy, some we just don’t turn up till the last 5 minutes. Today was none of those! Today was an exception! Today was the first awesome performance of the season!!!

With a full turnout of 9, we took on 2 teams from Leigh and a combined U7s and U8s team from Ashton-on-Mersey.

Eccles Panthers managed by Jaye consisted of Blake, Finley, Josh, Oliver and Peggy

Game 1 – Leigh I
A slow start saw Leigh take a two try lead within minutes of the kickoff, both from long range mazy runs. Stern words were uttered by Captain Super Pegs and that instigated a comeback. Finley picked up the ball from a quick pass scooting across the field to score in the corner. Oliver also got on the score sheet after capitalising on a loose ball. After being quiet for the first few mins, Josh received a pass in his own half to pin his ears back flying down the wing to score in the corner. Leigh were reeling but not out as they came back with tries of their own. Peggy started to orchestrate proceedings in the middle of the park and a period of fantastic tagging saw Blake take advantage of the pressure and dive on a loose ball. With a quick play the ball Finley went over for his second try of the game. Honours even!

Game 2 – Leigh II
More of the same from the team! The tag work done in last week’s session providing a marked improvement in defence especially when combined with Peggy’s “Defensive line on me” management. Further scores for all in the team resulted in close fought win.

Eccles Lions managed by the invalid (yours truly) consisted of Flynn, Michael, Sandy and Tyler

Game 1 – Leigh I
Leigh I, after their warm up game against Eccles Panthers remained on the pitch to face the other Eccles team, the Lions and they lived up to their name!!!

Straight from the off, Sandy got his “Super Sensational” tag back with the glint of determination there for all to see. Tyler, the King of Heroes and Villains, Mighty Mouse Michael and the Fantastic Flying Flynn got stuck into the Leigh attacking play. The tagging was outstanding and time and time again forced back the Leigh Offence. Quick play the ball and fantastic support play saw all the team on the score sheet more than once. If I was to be critical Leigh’s tries were in the main, long range mazy runs, weaving in and out of the defenders, so more work on tagging I think.

Game 2 – Leigh II
If the tagging was outstanding in the first game, ferociousness was added in the second. The previous week’s session on tagging paying dividends and all the team remained focussed. When added to the quick play of the ball and excellent support play, Leigh II could not compete and the Lions took their second game of the day

Game 3 – Ashton-on-Mersey
As the other teams finished for the day there was just time for a final game. Michael decided he was too sweaty to play the final game (may be on the pull after the game and no time for a shower?????) so Peggy and Josh eagerly volunteered to join the Lions. The tagging remained fierce and the Eccles play the ball fast as the teams traded try for try Eccles with the several phase build up and Ashton relying on their “Flame haired super star” for long range runs. In this game the support play from Tyler was exceptional and he helped himself to 4 tries. Peggy and Sandy came up with 2 each with Josh and Flynn also chipping in.

The game ended up in a draw, but then you have to remember 3 of the Ashton side were U8s, scored 8 of their 10 tries and were bigger and faster than any of the Eccles Lions. This was a really impressive performance from the team and for me, the best of the day.

STAR OF THE WEEK. From the Panthers the stand out performer is Oliver. Week on week improvement plus an overall increase in concentration. Well done!

For the Lions its much more difficult. Sandy got his “Super Sensational” back with aplomb, Mighty Mouse had his game head on from the start and was expertly ferreting about for all the loose balls, Flynn was big and strong against all of the opposition and confidence is building each week.

However, for his standout performance in the last game against Ashton’s taking on U8s and beating them for both pace and positioning, STAR OF THE WEEK goes to Tyler. Well done!

Before I move off the games, more than one parent commented on the improvement of Eccles U7 is very noticeable. Tagging being much better was also mentioned, although we have more work to do. The speed of playing the ball is now bordering on amazing for U7s and based on today’s performance we should not fear anyone. What we lack in defensive discipline is eclipsed by the speed we move the ball!

Next week is a training session at Gorton Street, 10:30 start See you on Sunday

Darren and Jaye