Under 7s Vs Bolton – Home – 15th February 2015

This weeks performance can be summed up in three sets of three words, one set for Bolton, one for Eccles and the final set for me.

The Bolton team were competitive, had good concentration and enthusiastic about playing. We, with the exception of the odd run, move or passage of play were none of those!

In describing Eccles I would go as far as lacklustre in that we were on the pitch but only going through the motions, individuals – we played as single players each wanting to score at all cost rather than a team ethic that we use in training and finally slow when playing the ball out of the tackle allowing Bolton to reset the defensive line time and time again.

From my point of view I am disappointed that the skills of quick ball and tagging practiced in training with gusto are not replicated in a game situation, frustrated at the careless passing and turning the ball over (again not done in training) far too many times and shocked at the teams reaction of surprise when they were told they had not won the game but rather lost convincingly.

Trying to take some positives from the game … Peggy’s determined running from the off and scoring the first two tries of the game was good. Michael, Sandy and Tyler did score a fine individual try or two and this was also the best game I have seen from Oliver (I did miss the STAR performance from Sedgley).

The only thing that seems to have been picked up from training is the hip flicks. Numerous times, from all players, tackles were avoided by a “little twist” at the right time.

STAR OF THE WEEK is for one specific piece of skill that caught my eye and was the highlight of a bad day. Max picked up the ball and headed off at full tilt towards his OWN try line. A quick shout as to his error and he spun 180 degrees running through the entire Bolton rush defence and deserved a try. STAR OF THE WEEK goes to Max. Well done!

Next week is a “hard” training session at Gorton Street, usual time of 10:30

See you on Sunday