Under 7s v Trafford MV – 1st March 2015

“White Rabbits, White Rabbits, White Rabbits”.

Well it can’t hurt and we need something to change after the Bolton performance especially heading into the wind tunnel of Trafford. Brrrrrrrr!

The initial signs were positive as we had, with the exception of Oliver who remains on the sidelines, a full match day turnout. Impressive until I saw the numbers Trafford had … must have been at least 300 (OK, a slight exaggeration, they had 24 but still fantastic numbers)

We split into two teams, a 5 and a 3 with Trafford kindly loaning 2 players to make up the numbers:

Team A consisted of Max, Michael, Peggy, Sandy and Tyler managed by myself.

Game 1
A nervy start from Eccles, all players taking several minutes to get fully involved but get involved they did. Strong running from Sandy and Tyler and plenty of trade mark “ferreting” from Michael that created the only turnover in the game. Captain Peggy, as ever, was orchestrating proceedings from the middle and constantly arranging the defensive line.

A very close match, dominated by long range tries rather than neat and tidy creative passing. I would say we shaded it by a solitary try based on the one turnover.

Game 2
This match saw Max come to the fore, his positioning at the play the ball becoming better game by game and getting himself in those positions saw him get more of the ball and get on the score sheet.

In a similar game to the first, long range tries were the order of the match with both sides struggling to take tags.

This is the first ever game we had two players reaching for their “handbags” and needed to be separated as passion spilled over following an altercation. No harm done though!

Game 3
By far and away the best game of rugby of the day! Tyler had a social commitment to fulfil and so Charlie from Trafford joined the team as an honorary “Ecclestonian”.

From the off the ethos was different, tags were actually being taken from both sides. This brought into play “off-loading” and quick plays of the ball although the defence from both teams was definitely on top.

Embarrassing moment of the day was the referee (moi) blowing up for off-side when a Trafford player picked up the ball in an off-side position and promptly score a try over the Trafford line. Why you ask … it was Charlie and the try was ultimately awarded!!!!!

It ended honours even and a fair result of such an exhilarating action packed match. Well done both teams.

STAR OF THE WEEK goes to Captain “Super Peggs” Peggy who’s organisation in defence was second to none. Well done.

Team 1 consisted of Finley, Flynn and Josh plus Freddie and Ollie from Trafford managed by Jaye.

Meanwhile on the other pitch the trio of Finley, Flynn and Josh were battling away against a different three Trafford teams. Strong running and plenty of enthusiasm were the order of a very cold day.

I would like to say a big thank-you to Trafford and in particular the three players, Freddie, Ollie and Charlie who joined the Eccles ranks for the day and put in sterling performances against their own team. Well done boys, it was much appreciated.

See you next week