Under 7s v Broughton Park – Away – 26th April 2015

The final game of the season! With fitting weather for such an occasion, glorious sunshine (but a chilly breeze) the U7s took to the field for the last time.

The split this week was determined by age. Broughton Park had numbers at U6 and U7 so we fielded half of a U6 team consisting of Daniel, Josh, and Oliver and a very strong U7s team with Finley, Flynn, Peggy, Sandy and Tyler.

Under 6s
Whilst most of my time was spent with the U7s, I did get a few minutes watching the 3 U6s in action. BP provided two players (have not go their names but a big thank-you goes out to them) and the BP coaches. All players seemed to revel in the competitive battle. Oliver’s straight running, Daniels energetic chasing and harrying and Josh’s pace, power and eye for the try line was good to see.

Under 7s
Organisation, organisation and organisation was the key today and this was nothing to do with me!!!

Captain Super Peggs took the team by the scruff of the neck and marshalled them expertly for both games. On each occasion (as per the previous match) the line perfectly formed ready for the next BP attack. Such was her control and to my amazement she held the team in a perfect line and slowly advanced, in formation, to thwart the BP attack time and time again.

The strong balanced runs from both Sandy and Tyler kept the scoreboard ticking over nicely and with Finley, Flynn and Peggy also adding to the tally BP were simply out gunned in attack and totally frustrated the opposition in defence.

The quick off-loads were evident as the support play from all of the Eccles team was exceptional. If one match was to be used as an example of what has been learned over the season and how to play free flowing Under 7s rugby this was it. Overall I think this was the most complete performance of the season and using the old adage, “we saved the best till last”.

STAR OF THE WEEK. This week we have a star for the U6s and one for the U7s.

In my glances over to the direction of the U6 pitches one moment stood out and gains the STAR OF THE WEEK award. From a restart Josh received the ball on the far left. Without moving he seemed to psyche out the opposing defender akin to a penalty taker vs a goalkeeper in football. All it took was a quick glance to the right making the defender step inside followed a lightening start out of the blocks taking him past the defender and showing a clean pair of heels to go in at the corner. Well done Josh!

Towards the end of the second U7s game I had more or less decided, based on the whole team performance, to give everyone a star. However, one person, not an Eccles person, changed that opinion. Kevin, the referee and coach of BP, commented on the defensive organisation not once, not twice but three times using the perfect Eccles defensive line as an example as he lamented his own team for their defensive frailties. Complements like that are always nice to hear and for that reason, STAR OF THE WEEK goes to chief organiser and team captain, Peggy. Outstanding performance and well done!

Many thanks for those who were able to join the midweek training session.

Next week, Sunday 3rd May, is the last Sunday session of the season. The plan is to do a little “typical” training followed by the annual grudge match of Kids vs Parents. Bring your boots and no biting, gouging or punching!!!!!

See you on Sunday