Under 7s Training – 3rd May 2015

What an interesting session!!!!!!

We had not one, not two but three “newbies” although they would all be 14 years older than the requisite “7 or under” to classify as an official U7. U21s perhaps?

From the start the competitive edge was apparent. The first few warm up exercises were taken easily and then came the shuttle runs. As the participants milled around on the starting line, Kirsty (U21) took her place in the starting blocks, poised like a coiled spring. On the “GO” (or was it B of the BANG) she exploded into action. For the first three steps she headed the field, flying elbows to ensure nobody could get past but then … sabotage!!!! A clash of legs, arms, bodies (not sure which) caused a pile up (with poor Kirsty at the bottom … eeek)

Note. The rest of the warm up was uneventful although the newly formed U21s were now looking a little out of breath.

Up next was some ball drills, simple pop passing, (well executed I may add by U7s and U21s alike) and then the old “hokey cokey” drill (under, over, left right) where I wasn’t quite sure if the screams from Vicki (U21) and Carly (U21) were encouraging or threatening (either way was quite scary!)

We finished the training part of the session with some fox and hounds pitting parent against child (not fair on the parents I know). At this point I did ask Andy B is he wanted to join in but he declined saying “Kirsty is doing a fantastic job!”

To end the session (and the season for that matter) we had the traditionally Kids vs Parents finale. The U7s followed their normal rules and the Parents were limited to 3 steps with the ball.

As is usual in matches the U7s started on the back foot, still in the changing rooms and half asleep! When added to some excellent handling by the parents (and older brothers of Peggy and Finley) they quickly stormed into a 2-0 lead. Then can a surge from the U7s, some quick thinking by Josh and a lapse in concentration by the defence saw Peggy go over in the corner. Josh, in the thick of things, also got on the score sheet after a mazy run.

Family rivalries came to the fore as first Finley and then Peggy took big hits from their older siblings. Vicki shrugged of the attentions of Oliver to score, not once but twice (the second was almost a full length dive for the line but managed to keep her feet). Kirsty also made a break after sidestepping Sam to sprint the full length of the field, the determination on her face was a sight to behold as she dived for the line. Just before her celebrations could begin the referee reminded that it was a 3 not 33 step rule and the try was disallowed. (Sorry!!!)

With the parents starting to run rampant, the game needed to be evened up. The referee joined the U7s and turned the game on its head. First an interception brought the U7s to within a single try and then the coach following Peggy’s line break was the first to support and get the touch down.

With the clock ticking down, was there time for a winner … NO!!!! The game ended in a draw and a fitting way to end the season.

I would like to thank all the parents, brothers and sisters that joined in with the session and game at the end. I hope you all enjoyed it and was not aching too much on Monday.

Next Sunday is the presentation, 10:30 for an 11:00 start