Under 7s Training – 30th November 2014

Trainees: Max, Michael, Flynn, Sam, Josh, Tyler

It was one of those days where attention and focus was clearly left behind by all; lots of silly heads on.

The main areas of focus in today’s session were as follows:

Maintaining the defensive line and resisting the temptation to get drawn towards the ball

A few different drills working on this involving the whole team defending against Jaye and I running at them and then giving them a countdown to re-establish the line before we ran at them again. Whilst this was a bit messy at first, they really started to get the hang of it after a while. Tyler and Max were excellent at maintaining their position and helping to organise the others.


We ran a couple of tagging drills to get attackers working on their positioning and manoeuvring around the defender in a limited area. There was excellent attacking play by all, especially Michael and Flynn, who were twisting their hips effectively around the defender and Sam utilising his height and cuteness to great advantage. Josh and Max were definitely outstanding in defence, and in particular, Josh demonstrated that he has some awesome lightening hands.

For STAR OF THE WEEK I do not think we can look any further than “not so little anymore” Josh. Its great to see the kids grow and develop and Josh who is actually U6 does not look out of place in the U7 age category. Well done!

Next week we are at HOME against Broughton Park. This is a change to the planned fixture as the original reverse (April 26th 2015) cannot be played at Gorton Street due to Eccles hosting the Colts finals day.

See you next week.

Gav & Jaye