Under 7s Training – 2nd November 2014

It’s good to see the numbers on the U7s starting to increase. The start of the season had both 7s and 8s mixed in together but with 9 turning up to training on Sunday the future looks a little brighter. This week we had 2 new faces, a big Eccles welcome to Blake and Sam.

The session started with Heroes and Villains, Michael taking the plaudits, followed by a quick warm up and some shuttle runs (the kids were up for running so why not!!)

The first exercise seemed to go well, little pop passes on the run and in general was executed well. The second exercise not so … passing between teammates, more work needed and concentration on the starting to go. We also worked on attacking and moving the ball away from the point of tag and also spotting and covering gaps in the defensive line.

Finally as the U8s had packed in for the day (part-timers) we set up a little game with yours truly making up the numbers (amidst Sandy’s dismay “its not fair … we are having Gav then!”) and Gav on the whistle.

Team 1 consisted of Flynn, Michael, Peggy, Sandy and Tyler against Team A with Blake, Finley, Oliver, Sam and errr Darren.

The game started with slick passing from team 1 with Sandy, Michael and Peggy taking the ball in with nice off-loads. The extra pace in the Team A defence was keeping the attackers at bay and with Darren’s pressing of the ball carrier drove Team 1 all the way back to their own try line. (what do you mean its not fair!!!!).

With all the intense work being put in (over the last 30 seconds) Darren needed a breather and a quick thinking pass from Michael gave Sandy some space on the outside allowing him to sprint past the defence to score in the corner. From the restart Team A’s enthusiasm started to show. Strong runs from Finley and Oliver (could be the new freight train Gav!!!) made valuable metres up the centre of the field and both Sam and Blake were getting stuck in on their first outing.

As team 1’s defence bunched on the right side of the field, Darren was screaming for the ball to be sent left … the ball duly came and Darren left a blazing trail down the wing to score a magnificent try in the corner to level the score. This was by far and away his longest sprint (in the last 15 years) and recovery time was needed.

With the clock running down and a draw on the cards (and Darren out on his feet) Tyler danced and pirouetted his way through to the try line to take the game for Team 1.

STAR OF THE WEEK. From the totally unbiased reporting above, its blatantly obvious that SOTW should go to Darren for his gallant display in the game at the end. However the selection committee of Gav, Gavin and “the Gavmeister” did not see it that way (I just don’t understand … just not possible … ITS NOT FAIR). STAR OF THE WEEK goes to one of the newcomers for getting stuck in from the get-go and performing the drills right, first time. Well done to Blake, congratulations.

Next week we are away at Bolton, 10:30 start but earlier if you can.

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See you on Sunday