Under 7s Training – 16th November 2014

Another excellent training session and in the main the attitude was back to normal. Last week’s match at Bolton providing the inspiration for a “tag or be tagged session” at Gorton Street.

Thanks to Gav and Jaye for kicking off the session with the warm up and a “tag belt” version of Heroes and Villains won by Tyler.

The drills this week all concentrated on the tagging whether it be taking the tag or avoiding being tagged. These would be new drills to the squad and they all seemed to enjoy them so may be repeated.

The first drill gave a specific area to run through and each had a turn at trying to take the tags with both left and right hands.

We then went though the old wiggle hips avoidance (ably demonstrated by resident expert Peggy) and then incorporated into previous drill.

By doing this we may have inadvertently created not one but two “TAG Monsters” with both Peggy and Oliver ripping tags left right and centre without mercy. Impressive!

Putting coach Jaye on the spot for the next section … she implemented a scarecrow tick game using the tags/belts to freeze tagged opponents but allowing the free runners to replace the tag and so unfreeze the scarecrow. Well done Jaye (more challenges to follow and Gav … looks like you need to train harder to keep up).

To cap it off we had a quick four-a-side game with Sandy and Tyler scoring trademark, long range jinky tries. What was good to see was the support play from both sides off-loading away from the tag area and the fantastic run from not so little Josh showing good balance and strenth

STAR OF THE WEEK. Tyler was in contention (for the second week running) for the H&V win and try in the final game. However the whole point of the session was tagging … Blake and Finley showed excellent wiggles avoiding being tagged as did Flynn using a quick-slow-quick technique. In addition Oliver showed fantastic hand/eye coordination in the last drill ripping 6 out of 8 tags in the final pass. But … STAR OF THE WEEK goes to our very own TAG monster, Peggy, who out tagged everyone in the session and has the flick of the hips nailed to perfection. What comes next … Strictly Come Dancing? Well done.

Next week we have the opportunity to put the tagging into practice as we host not one but two teams from Leigh and Ashton on Mersey in a tri team tournament. Parking will be chaotic!!!

See you next week.

Darren, Gav, Jaye