Under 7s & 8s Training – 4th January 2014

Doesn’t time fly!!! As quickly as Christmas comes it goes by even quicker and the second half of the season is upon us.

Firstly, a Happy New Year to you all!

This week was a “are we on or are we not” type of week and we was! With 7 U8s and 4 U7s we had a combined training session.

Martin took the warm up to blow away the Christmas cobwebs. The usual stretches and shuttles took place and finally a round of Heroes and villains resulting in Tyler being the ultimate SuperVillain.

Pop passing drills say the boys run shuttles taking pop passes at pace from firstly the coaches and subsequently a teammate until all had had turns at both taking

The boys then split into groups of 4s to work on attacking using the pop passes for a quick offload (who says the sessions are just thrown together!!) and then swapping to defence to reset and maintain the defensive line.

Finally we ended with the numbers game starting by simply securing a loose ball and then into the full blown melee.

STAR OF THE WEEK. In general this was a gentle session as the first back after the Christmas break. Oliver, improving week on week and showed excellent skills taking the pop ball at pace but this week I have to go for Tyler. He outpaced both groups in the heroes and villains and worked well in the drills and so therefore earns STAR OF THE WEEK for the U7s. Well done.

For the U8s this week I have the usual STAR OF THE WEEK plus a special OSCAR in the “Best Actor” category.

Firstly the OSCAR … Nominated for his performance in “Securing the loose ball” where after a crunching steal from Harry, he undertook a double somersault, one and a half twists with pike (tariff of 3.2 if anyone is interested) to lay prone on the turf. The watching crowd were aghast as everyone looked intently at the “severely injured” player. Lee rushed for his phone to dial 999, Martin was off for defibrillator just in case and the whole world looked on silently with bated breath. After Harry was told to ”take it easy” and the drama eeeked out to the maximum up jumped Lucas without a scratch. The OSCAR for best actor goes to Lucas.

STAR OF THE WEEK actually goes to the supporting actor in the above. For his exceptional performance in securing the loose ball, a no fear approach to the exercise and his body in the way making the ball safe. Well done Harry.

Next week is another training session.