Under 7/8s Training, Sunday 21st September 2014

Another good training session in glorious sunshine. Today’s session was a little more physically demanding and I did notice a few tired legs towards the end.

Numbers were good although still not enough to split into U8/U7 and another new face … a big Eccles welcome to Flynn(and thanks to Lee/Reece for dragging him down!)

The day started with a light warm up and was good to see the quiet and shy “blonde” Finley taking part from the off.

Following the warm up we did a few shuttle runs over various distances followed by more shuttle runs with the balls, the odd “Hokey cokey” (in out, over, under!!!!) drill with a few more shuttle runs finishing with very tired legs/bodies trying to turn over the many cones laid out on the pitch.

With 17 in attendance we set up 4 teams into 2 mini matches on very narrow pitches to encourage passing and finished with a bigger match of 8 V 9. All in all a good session and lots of effort put in by everyone.

STAR OF THE WEEK. Enthusiasm/discipline and smiles in abundance this week which was good to see and a few moments I want to mention … Lewis, in the mini matches, scored a barnstorming try prompting both Gav and myself to say at the same time “The Freight Train is BACK”. Reece is developing a really good sense of space and positioning and therefore receiving the ball in open ground. When this is combined with his pace it equals lots of tries.

Finley seems to have lost his shyness from last week and took part all the way through with good balance/pace and Josh A has shown a “world” of improvement from the “little Josh” we had last season. Both also seem to be competing with Peggy to see who can be the “blondest”. In addition Ben A is gaining more confidence, looks for the ball and takes any knocks without a murmur (even the ball in the face, Ouch!!!)

This week there was one “special” passage of play. Lucas picked up the ball deep in his own half and made it to the half way before being tagged. Harry was close in support and took an instinctive pop pass on the run taking him away from the covering defenders only to be tagged just shot of the line. Without thinking, another quick pop pass taken by Ben H, again on the run put him in for the try. Absolutely FANTASTIC rugby. More of this please!!!

Even the above was not enough for any of the fore mentioned players to take STAR OF THE WEEK although it does go to a “Blondie”. Recommended by Lee for silky skills, determination, grit, effort and all-round attitude this week’s STAR OF THE WEEK goes to “blonde not so curly anymore curly” Josh R. Well done.

I would like to thank all parents who generously took part in the draw to fund the Rossendale tournament and congratulations to Morven who won this week. We will be doing the same next week. Any money left over will go towards some sort of treat for the kids around Christmas.

Many thanks to parents who have spoken to Boothstown, Moorside and Bridgewater primary schools to allow Eccles to run some TAG rugby sessions in an attempt to recruit players from years 1-3. These should be progressed soon.

Next week see’s the first match of the season. We welcome Sedgely Park to Gorton Street. Usual time of 10:30