U15s vs. Stockport

Eccles V Stockport (29.01.2017)
(Disclaimer) I would like to point out first and foremost that I am no rugby expert, it takes a lot of effort on my part to ensure I get the score down accurately and log the correct scorers, anything else is a bonus.
On writing my inaugural match report and reviewing reports by other authors, it would seem customary to discuss the trip down the motorway but today the match was played at home and thank goodness for that as my sense of direction is not great and I could easily get that first bit wrong, did we go up, down, clockwise, anti-clockwise, who knows? Although we did have to embark on the expedition to that far off pitch through the tunnel.
Another common theme would be the weather and today it was cold. Billy “David Bailey” Borrett has uploaded a picture of Steve and Berry with the caption “it wasn’t that cold” …. It was!!!!! I had 2 pairs of socks on and still felt the cold. I think it would be safe to say that a few of the players woke up this morning, looked out of the window, saw the frost and hoped that the game would be called off, but alas that was not to be. I think that it may have been these dashed hopes that gave the boys the fire that fed todays excellent performance.
On to the game itself…… Today we played host to Stockport Under 15s. Special mentions to Tom Bates who wasn’t quite feeling up to par when he woke up this morning but on coming around properly arrived at the field feeling spurred on for action, and to Sean Carroll who has been a bit like the elusive Scarlet Pimpernel recently but as always we were glad to see him today.
The scoring was opened by Eccles with a Try from Callan and followed up with a conversion from Joe. Stockport soon got a try back and succeeded in converting but
Eccles were then able to surge ahead with 2 more tries from Cameron and Tumy. Stockport fought back to score another try and conversion but still that fire consumed the Eccles team with both Will and Josh scoring and converting their own tries. Other players game close but alas Stockport were successful in their defending of the try line.
The general consensus from the parents (in between sharing slimming world tips and planning the upcoming tour) was that everyone played well and demonstrated solid team work. Well done Eccles you should be proud. Thanks to Coach Archie for his continued support and guidance

Final Score: Eccles 31: Stockport 14

Squad: Alex, Archie, Callan, Callum, Cameron W, Chris, Ciaran, Daniel D, Daniel S, Jacob, Joe, John, Josh, Max, Rory, Ryley, Sean, Tom, Tumy and Will
Absences: Cameron S is still recovering from recent surgery and Curtis was sporting an injury. Hope you’re match fit soon boys