Under 13 Home v. Rossendale Sunday 9th October 2016

Result: Won 40-30

Today’s match proved to be more of a training session. As Rossendale arrived with low numbers and with seventeen boys in Eccles’ shirts, it was decided that three boys would play on rotation for the opposition. This was soon increased to four boys, following a Rossendale injury. It is never an easy task (and it wasn’t today) for a teenage boy to play against his own side, so credit goes to those who volunteered.

Nevertheless, the game was a challenging and arduous one, with our boys scoring tries for both teams. Eccles opened well, putting on pressure from the whistle, with strong work from the forwards culminating in a quick offload from George for Will B, who sprinted down the wing for the opening try; followed by George who got one of his own. Rossendale responded with a try of their own (Lucas), so it was game on.

Sam made up some attacking ground with penetrating kicks, which provided tries for both Lucas (now for Eccles) and Billy.

At half time, Tango Man (Simon) made an appearance and the boys were revitalised for the second half.

Rossendale were also tangoed at half time and they too came back fighting. With fifteen minutes to go, there was only one try in it, but the opposition appeared to be getting frustrated. Then Henry and Lucas both got a try each, after running the entire length of the pitch dodging in and out of the opposition’s defence. Subsequently, Billy charged through the defensive line to get his second.

We saw some good attacking play from all today and better support at the breakdown; special mention to Jack and Will R for their strength in the rucks.
Squad: Billy, Connor, Duncan, Finley, George, Harry, Harvey, Henry, Jack, Lucas, Luke F, Luke H, Reece, Sam, Thomas, Will B, Will R

Tries: Will B, Lucas 2, George 2, Henry, Billy 2