Under 12 v. Wythenshawe Development Squad – Home – Sunday 6th December 2015

Result: Win 70-5

In spite of player absenteeism, the Gentlemen’s Breakfast Club continued to provide insightful commentary on today’s match. See if you can spot the words in our new game, “Wade’s Words”! Parents’ award goes to Simon for his support of the team.

Our opposition today was a newly formed development squad from Wythenshawe and as such was going to find this match a challenge.

From the whistle, Henry made a strong tackle, which forced the ball loose; George collected and sprinted for the try line. Within five minutes, George had a hat trick and was then on the bench for a few minutes to reflect on passing of the ball.

A fierce tackle from Duncan provided Eccles with the ball. A period of great whole team effort culminated with a super try from Luke H. There was determined forward play resulting in a try for Harvey; then Harry set off down the wing scoring his first try. Henry showed good hands and made lots of ground scoring from a nonchalant, yet successful pass from Luke H. Will R. was as dogmatic as ever in the rucks and Harvey put in some solid tackles.

The second half continued to provide a plethora of try scoring opportunities. Will B. put in a great pass to Nathan, which resulted in his try. Thereafter, Jake took a quick penalty, which George took forward and unselfishly provided Harry with his second try of the match. Duncan gained a lot of ground running forward. There was a well-deserved try from Henry, quickly followed by one from Lucas. Harry subsequently got his hat trick, taking the ball down the wing from the blind side of the scrum. Eccles dominated the scrums, rucks and mauls throughout.  In the closing minutes, Wythenshawe did snatch a conciliatory try, but the response was a magnificent kick by Jake to the corner flag, which was chased down and scored by George. The match closed with a second try from Lucas.

As the result suggests, Eccles were the superior side on the day, but credit to Wythenshawe for showing good sportsmanship and never giving up.

Squad: Billy, Duncan, George, Harry, Harvey, Henry, Jack, Jake, Lucas, Luke F, Luke H, Nathan, Reece,  Will B, Will R

Tries: George 5, Luke H, Harvey, Harry 3, Nathan, Henry, Lucas 2

Reporting: GBC