Under 12 v. Sefton– Home- Sunday 3rd April

Result:  Win 40 – 30

The winning streak of this Eccles U12 team continues. Sefton provided strong opposition and today’s was a closely fought match, with the winning side only becoming clear towards the end of the match.

Sefton had a small squad compared to the 15 boys who turned out for Eccles and so, in noble fashion, some of our boys played for the opposition. They gallantly gave their all and provided valuable ground breaking runs and tackles, which undoubtedly bolstered the opposition. Hence, Eccles boys played well on both teams this week. James definitely had his work cut out doing the subs and switching the boys between sides. He did a sterling job.

There were again many notable performances: Lucas and George got the tries today, both boys using their physical strength to power through the Sefton line; Jake put in some amazing ground gaining kicks and his organisational skills were obvious as he planned where the penalties should go; Jack demonstrated his strength turning the ball; Finley made some accurate and effective passes; Reece’s goalkeeping hands proved invaluable at full back; the contributions of Luke H, Harvey, Will R, Nathan, Harry, Duncan and Connor were instrumental; Henry, Billy and Luke F were a strong force for the opposition and made life harder for their Eccles contemporaries.

Having a strong opposition does up our game and also allows us to see areas for improvement. At times today, our tackling was poor, allowing Sefton to run straight through to score against us. Additionally, we made handling errors with several knock-ons and missed catches.

To conclude, the boys put in another strong performance today and persevered when a try was scored against us. The strength of our passing game and the might of players running through the centre were evident.

Tries: Lucas 3, George 5

Squad: Billy, Connor, Duncan, Finley, George, Harry, Harvey, Henry, Jack, Jake, Lucas, Luke F, Luke H, Nathan, Reece, Will R

Reporting: GBC