U8s Vs Sedgley Park – Home – Sunday 28th September

This week we have a number of firsts for the season: the first match – a home game to boot, Under 7s and Under 8s split into relevant groups and refereeing for Lee and Gav. In addition we had five players making their competitive debut with Guy, Ben, Flynn and Finley who have attended at least one previous session and Leyton (a big Eccles welcome!!!) who had a true baptism of fire on his first ever session. All in all a real hectic day for the coaches.

For the first time this season we had numbers at U7s and therefore the Under 8s took the field in their own right against two Sedgley Park teams.

Martin’s team consisted of Archie, Ben H, Ben W, Guy, Reece and reports as follows:

As ever it was a you score-we`ll score type of game with all players getting on the score sheet in their own unique way – Ben with strong runs and hip swerves to avoid getting tagged; Archie straight direct running with some great hand-offs which seem to developed over the summer although I don’t have a clue how; Reece beating the defence with sheer pace and elusiveness ( although he did tip-toe along the touch line a couple of times; Guy showed good strong determined runs similar to Ben and the defence seemed fearful of him; Ben W was a mixture of pace, swerve and determination.

The only flaw to some great rugby was the fact that we seem to have forgotten over the summer that it’s ok to pass before the contact/tag is made. Final score Eccles 14-Sedgeley 12

The second game was much of a likeness with the exception of passing early. Ben H had a couple of accidental “collisions” but the look on his face after brushing away a couple of would be tacklers was priceless – definite flanker in the making. Once again everyone got on the score sheet and Carolyn on the sideline informed me it was Eccles 13- Sedgley 14 on this occasion

Overall, some great rugby with really good defensive lines at times, pushing the opposition back to their own try line.

Gav’s team consisted of Charlie, Josh R, Harry, Lewis, Max, Zac and reports as follows:

First competitive match of the season and I was curious to to see how we would return from a long summer. Also, having offered up my assistant services before the end of last season, I was about to make my referee debut; exciting stuff!

I’m pleased to say that although my performance might have been a bit ropey, my six, consisting of Zach (looking particularly cool in his terminator glasses “I’ll be back!”), Max, Charlie, Lewis, Josh and Harry all played extremely well. Whilst we ended up playing two games, the first one is the one I shall report on, as it was the longest and definitely the most eventful and enjoyable.

From the start, the Eccles play was positive and flowing, and not surprisingly, it didn’t take long before Sedgley Park were several tries down. However, the lead was short lived as Sedgley soon got into the swing of things and started exploiting a couple of their better players, one of which, I wouldn’t have wanted to get on the wrong side of.

Sedgley were starting to put the pressure on, but despite this, the defensive play from Eccles was really good and there were some awesome last ditch tags made, one in particular from Max that was simply outstanding. What particularly pleased me was the reduction from last season in the sideways running, with a great combination of weaving runs from Josh, Charlie and Max and powerful ‘freight train style’ bursts from Zach (who seemed keen to exploit the result of his apparent high protein summer diet) Lewis and Harry.

Well played both U8 teams.

STAR OF THE WEEK. For Martin’s team it goes to someone new to the club this season, who has settled in very quickly, taken on instruction and does not look out of place in the side witrh those coming up from U7s last year. Well done to Guy.

For Gav’s team … “I’ve spent the last few days trying to think about specific outstanding performances, but I’ve come to the conclusion that they simply all played well; it was definitely a match that had everything. Also, when you consider that it was only the first competitive game back, then I couldn’t have asked for more. If I had to pick a star of the week though, I would probably pick Max for his awesome last ditch tag.” Congratulations!

Is it me or are these reports getting longer?????????????????????

Thank-you to all those who took part in the fundraising over the last two Sundays. This week’s winner of what was a full bottle of wine (wasn’t claimed on Sunday so now is an empty bottle) is Louise (Tyler’s Mum). Congratulations.

Sunday is the Rossendale tournament. I hope you have all seen the email with the details, in summary …

1. Early start, games start at 10:00 and could do with being there at least 20 mins earlier to get organised.
2. There are supposed to be 16 teams each at U7s, U8s and U9s – Parking will be a nightmare
3. It may (its Rossendale … I mean “will”) be cold/wet as the weather is due to turn at the end of this week.

Address: Marl Pits, Newchurch Road, Rossendale, BB4 7SN
Tel: 01706 229152

See you all on Sunday