U8s Training – Sunday 19th October 2014

Great turn out from ten of the under 8’s – Archie, Harry, Lucas, Mitchell, Reece, Lewis, Charlie, Ben H and Ben W and Zac.

James led today’s session which resulted in exceptional (good) behaviour from the three amigos of Lucas, Mitchell and Reece.

There were three parts to today’s session:

1. A new game to warm up – which everyone finally got the hang of (sort of).

2. A new training session with the focus on passing quickly and strong support – with scoring in a defined area to complicate things, I think we all enjoyed this one!

3. Finally, we rounded off with a 5 aside game on a bigger pitch and focus on attacking and defensive formations. We didn’t manage to see the ball get passed all the way down the attacking line, but we’re on the way.

All in all, we saw some good skills in evidence, defensive lines, attacking formations – even a few instances of running onto the ball were seen! We also saw some evidence of the boys anticipating being tagged, and passing the ball beforehand – which kept some pace into the game. Well done to all of the boys.

Trafford MV at home next week, so hopefully we’ll see some of these skills in action.

Star of the week – Lucas, for listening, passing the ball well (not launching it) and keeping the attacking and defensive formations.

At the start of next week, James will be testing the boys on the three things they learnt today.…..

Lee & James.