U7s Vs Tyldsley – Away – 12th October 2014

Well it’s not very often that you get to say that everyone got on the score sheet! That for me, proves that I witnessed an ‘all round’ excellent team performance on Sunday.

Taking the U7s for the first time, I had an elite force at my disposal consisting of Josh, Tyler, Finley, Flynn, Peggy, Sandy and Michael. I have to say that prior to the match, I was a little concerned about how we might fare, with the Tyldesley side not only running through some well worked pre-match drills, but also present in significant numbers.

Despite each of my Eccles starlets being in fine ‘chatterbox’ form, they all showed great commitment as soon as the game commenced and caused the opposition problems straight from the start.

With my new i-phone ‘score keeper’ app in hand, it wasn’t long before I was hitting the ‘try’ button for Eccles (love my gadgets!). Sandy, in his trademark fashion, put his head down, tucked the ball under his arm (two hands please!) and went for a sizzling run down the wing, greasing his way through the Tyldesley defence. What particularly impressed me was that despite a number of turnovers caused by unforced mistakes, my Eccles U7s, like true predators, were always straight up at the opposition, putting them under constant pressure and forcing them into costly errors. In particular Finlay, was a boy possessed in defence and was constantly a thorn in their side. At the end of the first half, Eccles were comfortably winning 6-2

Pleasingly, the second half started in the same vein as the first, with the Eccles tries coming thick and fast. I was beginning to feel a bit sorry for Tyldesley, but to their credit, they settled down and began to play with a bit more flow and confidence and consequently, it wasn’t long before they started to get some tries themselves. So what was going to be the Eccles response? Would they capitulate and end up on the back foot? A big fat ‘NO’ was the answer. In fact we moved into a higher gear and increased the pressure with Tyler, Flynn, Michael and Sandy scoring a number of tries between them. Peggy was also starting to terrorise the opposition defence and Josh was showing his leadership qualities by organising the defensive line. At the end of the second half it finished 13 – 6 to Eccles. What a great final result I thought, until Tyldesley asked if we would like to play an additional 10 minutes.

The final third was really the icing on the cake. Flynn made a powerful run through the middle to score what (according to my super i-phone app), was his fifth try, Josh added to the score line with a thunderous run down the right wing and finally, Peggy unleashed her trademark ‘flick of the hips’ to confuse the opposition and cruise over the line with plenty of cheers from the sidelines. Final score 18 -9!

What can I say? Great performance from the team. I think with some work on our defensive line and perhaps not being so kind when hanging around to give tags back, I think we’ll be a serious force to be reckoned with.

Difficult to award STAR OF THE WEEK with such a great team performance, but having thought about it, I’m going to give it to Flynn. Great in attack, superb in defence with a brilliant attitude. Well done Flynn!

On Sunday, 19th October, we are training at Gorton Street and hopefully we will have numbers (and coaches) to split U7s and U8s.

See you on Sunday