U7s vs Tyldesley/Bolton (Away) 02/03/2014

Many thanks to Martin for the following match report for the green team …

Sunday last, Eccles played a three team round robin at Tyldesley. We had two teams of seven whilst Tyldesley had one team of 6 and the other team, Bolton had a bare four!

My “green” team (in bibs) consisted of Lewis, (captain), the 3 Josh`s, Sandy, Tyler and Omar.

1st game against Tyldesley caught us cold – as usual – and they were 3 tries up before we started to realise we were playing rugby and began some attacking runs into their half – previously we had done lots of running backwards and in circles trying to find the elusive gap in their good defensive line. Lewis eventually broke the pattern and managed a fine try which was also followed up with some good tagging by him. Also notable were great runs by Omar and “curly” Josh. The half time team talk stressed that we were allowed to pass before we were tug, as this seemed to be causing confusion….. after the break we were tonnes better and actually played some great rugby with phase of passes and little off-loads which created space for little and big Josh to capitalise and go over, as did Tyler and Sandy( I think all players managed a try), Again Omar and Lewis were the pick of the half…. unfortunately the Tyldesley team were better drilled and ended up 13-8 winners.

The 2nd game against Bolton was a closer affair but followed pretty much the same pattern as the first, but the main default of the first half in this game was us forgetting to defend the wings and this allowed their best player (Charlie) to score several tries in the corner. The wide defence improved in the 2nd but we started off defending too deep and invited Bolton onto us at will.  The positives were again great passing and support to create tries for Omar, great runs by Big Josh and Lewis  and a couple of jinks down the line by little Josh.  The final score was close with Bolton slightly edging things

We then had a quick game between the 2 Eccles` teams (7-a-side), which ended in a diplomatic draw.

My STAR OF THE WEEK was Omar for some great confident runs, his willingness to listen and modify his game and wanting to get involved….. He was awarded the Eccles STAR in the clubhouse presentation which followed.
Well done to all for listening to the coaching tips and eventually playing some good stuff ( Things weren’t made any easier with having 3 subs that I was conscious to keep rotating)

In the other games taken by Sean, Eccles took on Trupmton and a Camberwick presidents IV.

In the first game the Eccles seven lined up against the Trumpton team consisting of Pugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble and Grub with Nibbs on the bench watched on by proud father Chippy Minton. During the game both sides took their chances and the time ticked steadily, sensibly; never too quickly, never too slowly. Telling the time for Trumpton to end honors even!

The second game saw a wider array of characters than firemen (and an apprentice carpenter). The presidents IV sported McGarry  (a police constable), Mickey Murphy (the baker), Dagenham (travelling salesman) and arriving in a box, a musical box, wound up and ready to play. But this box can hide a secret inside. Can you guess what is in it today? … yes you got it, good old Windy Miller (methane specialist or Windmill owner). As with the first game the score ended up in a very fair draw.

Due to the graininess and aging stop/start animation it was too difficult to identify a STAR OF THE WEEK for this Eccles team.

Next week we are back in training, at home. 10:30 start.

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