U7s Vs Trafford MV (Away) 30/03/2014

If only all Sundays were the same … the sun was out, the temperature was 20 degrees (above not below), the sea was warm (sorry getting carried away and stopped short of mentioning “speedos”) Eccles Under 7s were in action against Trafford M.V. Earlier in the season we got a lesson from MV at Gorton Street and everybody was in the mood to put that right!

We had really good numbers again this week, 15 in total which also matched MV. A mini round robin was organised with both clubs running three teams and all playing three matches.

The three Eccles teams and match reports follow…

Eccles U7s “Tigers” consisting of 5 of the squad managed by Martin

  • Match report eaten by the dog

Eccles U7s “Panthers” consisting of another 5 of the squad managed by Sean

  • Match report in the post

Eccles U7s “Lions” consisting of (Little) Josh, Lewis, Michael, Peggy and Sandy managed by myself.

Amazing, awesome, fantastic, brilliant are just some of the words that would not do justice to the team’s performances at MV especially when you consider that four of the five would be Under 6s rather than Under 7s and for the score, who cares! (I think we just lost out on 2 games and shaded the other)

Michael started the first game well and seems to be back in form scoring a number of early tries. However, a blister the size of a small moon on the back of his heel, stopped star of the week performance in the making.

The freight train (Lewis for those not in the know) was back to his magnificent self … why would you look for a gap when you can simply run through the walls of any defence! I was amused by the impudent stare he gave the MV defence when they tagged him … how dare they!

Superb Sensational Sandy put in his best performance to date although we may need to go through what a try line looks like as putting the ball down on what would be the equivalent of a 22 line does not tend to count. In the main his running was strong and a number of tries were scored. He even managed to get in a high tackle (well done … err I mean go for the tags not the head).

SuperPeggs became Captain SuperPeggs leading the team. The intense stares were not just for the opposition as the lack of ball (from her team mates), in the first game, started to wind her up and with her first touch of the ball blasted through to score. After last week’s try in training and her many similar tries in the first two matches this week I studied her technique in the final game. A bat of the eye lashes, a shimmy of the hips, tunnel vision for the try line and an “Eat my dust” attitude … Wow!

Even with all the superlatives above for Michael, Lewis, Sandy and Peggy it still wasn’t enough for them to clinch STAR OF THE WEEK. This week, a rugby player was born, from mouse-like timidness to Lion-like ferociousness, from “i don’t want to be here” to “Gimme the ball, its mine”, from “Mum, I want to play with MY ball” to “Raaaaaarrrrrrrrrrr”, from non-contact to full contact and finally from squad obscurity to STARdom … My STAR OF THE WEEK goes to Little “Lion” Josh for a totally outstanding, king of the jungle performance. Well done!

Players Player nominations have started and I have collected a number already including two with no players name so cannot be counted. Please also remember that a player cannot vote for themselves and need to provide a first, second and third nomination. I will be chasing those I have not got next week.

Next week its a normal training session at Gorton street, starting at the usual time of 10:30

Finally, its performances like the above that makes me proud to be an Eccles Under 7s coach!

See you on Sunday.

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