U7s v Heaton Moor (Home) 16/02/2014

Sunday saw the visit of Heaton Moor to Gorton Street. Parking was chaotic as expected and I do feel sorry for the driver in front of me when entering the car park, who scraped their back door and wheel arch of the car on the raised manhole. Ouch!

The Eccles squad was out in force with no less than four new faces. Welcome to Josh (yes, another one), Omar, Adam and Charlie. There were also a few regulars missing meaning the squad could be now over 20 strong. Wow!

With space limited and also good numbers from HM, two matches were set up

Team Joshua (managed by myself)

Josh, Josh, Josh, Charlie “Josh”, Adam “Josh”, Harry “Josh”, Michael “Josh”, Omar “Josh”,  Peggy “Josh” and Sandy “Josh”. Most of which were either Under 6’s or new starters.

Only one mach was played and due to limited tag belts was played as tick rugby. Initially this was seven-aside but was difficult to control and had no resemblance to rugby so numbers were reduced to five-aside and subs to be rolled on/off

The match itself was a struggle for Eccles, The HM Under 7s were generally bigger, stronger and faster than the Eccles U6’s yet only one HM player, Edward, made the difference. Edward scored many tries during the game but was also never substituted once! Taking him out of the game would have evened things up.

From an Eccles view point there were no complaints from the 5 subs that at varying points stood on the touchline. Interchanges were made to make sure all got a game and not for tactical reasons and even though the result was not in Eccles favour there were some impressive performances.

Veterans Harry “Josh” and Peggy “Josh” took the game HM at every opportunity. If playing with the tag belts these runs would have been much more profitable. Sandy “Josh” maintained his “Get Stuck In” attitude and Michael “Josh” was eager for work. The newbie’s, Josh, Omar “Josh”, Adam “Josh” and Charlie “Josh”, all seemed to enjoy themselves and enthusiastically joined in even though not quite understanding “Pass the ball BACKWARDS!”

Most pleasing about Sunday was the feedback. One parent mentioned their son “wanted to go to rugby” and that had never happened with other clubs/sports he had previously been involved in. All four of the new starters had eagerly agreed that they had enjoyed the session and would be back and one of those was totally unsolicited when I was asked “Can I come again next week?” (choking up)

Now back to formalities and JOSH OF THE WEEK, sorry, STAR OF THE WEEK does actually go to a Josh, the one with the blonde hair. Thinking about it they all had blonde(ish) hair so the one with the blue top. Nope they all had blue tops. This is difficult, how many had surnames starting with “R”, just the one (that will do). So well done Josh R, good defence, great spatial awareness, fantastic running. The only thing for next time is to score a try or two (although that goes for the whole team).

Team Not Joshua (managed by Sean)

Ben, Lewis, Louis, Lucas, Max, Mitchel, Reece and Zac (and not a Josh in sight)

As the Heaton Moor Empire threatened the galaxy, the Eccles rebels took up the fight. For some reason the match started four sevenths of the way through, with the match dictated by “George” Lucas. O Ben “wan Kenobi” searching for new Josh, ooops that’s from the other match report, I mean Jedi knight. Zac Skywalker took that mantle and the defence of the galaxy began. Although the rebels drew first blood the HM Empire struck back. With R2DLou and Reece3PO on each side young skywalker in protecting the rebels try line, it was time to attack. Max Solo and Lewbacca in the Mitchelleniun Falcon increased the intensity and the try tally. In a final push the Eccles rebels took the spoils in an enthralling match and the galaxy was saved.

Maybe they will make a film or even a series of films about it someday and in twenty years time I may also tell you what happened in the first three sevenths of the game.

A number of emails have been doing the rounds from the club/committee in respect of the events of the last two Sundays. Due to the recent bad weather the overflow car park has been used as training/match pitches and therefore the availability of club parking spaces has been limited. This in turn has lead to parents, members and visitors parking in the surrounding streets. A number of complaints have been received from the club’s neighbours to say that their driveways had been blocked and when requested to move, the vehicles owners were less than polite! Whilst the complaints did not specify which club, ours or the visitors, please may I ask that we are all considerate to the people of Gorton Street.

Next week we are back to a training session, 10:30 at Gorton Street.

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