U7s v Bury (Away) 08/12/2013

It never seems to amaze me on how the weather can be cold, wet or windy (or all three) during the week and on a Sunday morning perfect for rugby. The match was away in Bury and I was also the last one to turn up (almost). This gave us time for a quick warm up (not that the kids were interested in the drills!!!!!!) but which did mean they were focussed when the actual matches started (for a change)

The group was split into two teams:

Team 1 – Harry, Lewis, Max, Michael, Mitchell, Reece managed by Martin and his match report below …

On a perfect day for rugby I thought We were going to struggle as some of the lads didn’t have their game heads on during the warm-up and left me wondering if I should`ve stayed in bed !!

Game 1
Was a close affair with tries coming thick and fast from Eccles and Bury. Eccles defensive line was particularly well organised by Team captain for the day Lewis. Some great tagging by all players and great support running following on from last weeks training was very encouraging.

Game 2
Was against a seemingly bigger Bury side but the lads were now up-for-it and improved on their previous performance. With great organisation in attack and defence co-ordinated by Max and Lewis plenty of space was available for Mitchell and Reece on the flanks to score a couple of tries each. Once again the lads` spatial awareness and use of the full width of the pitch is very satisfying from a coaches perspective — THEY DO LISTEN TO US DARREN…!!!

Max and Lewis continued to cause problems in the middle and Max`s defence and chasing paid dividends on a couple of occasions, causing knock-ons from the opposition, letting him pick up and race over for a couple himself, confirming his STAR OF THE WEEK.

I was informed by Harry`s brother that Eccles won this game 10-6 and I wasn’t going to disagree….

Must mention Michaels impromptu dance in the middle of the pitch and me reminding him it was RUGBY not X-factor!!! who says there`s no fun in the game…!!

Another memorable moment was my missed call from Sean Griffin, who turned up at Eccles expecting to play Bolton …. DOH…!!!

Well done to all involved, see you at training next week….don’t forget your raffle tickets.

Team A – Archie, Ben, Louis, Lucas, Owen, Tyler managed by myself.

Game 1
This was very much a try for try match with strong and evasive running from both sides. The game dominated by two blonde dynamos, Lucas from Eccles and Jamie from Bury both seemingly scoring at will. Louis also outstanding with some mazy runs down the wing, Ben added to his seasons tally and Archie also getting on the score sheet. Well done to Tyler for scoring his first try for Eccles. Overall a draw was the fair result.

Game 2
Again, this was a very even match. The defence from both sides was awesome with excellent tagging. This matched the fantastic attacking support play and was probably one of the best games I have seen this season. Louis again was at the fore and Owen was getting stuck in. I need to comment Archie’s bravery and attitude in taking a big knock but having the presence of mind to scoop in the loose ball. One play later he was diving in at the corner. If pressed for a result I would have said we nicked it!

The star of the week could go to any of the team, Lucas came away with the most tries, Ben was at his imperious best and Archie’s attitude and overall game was tremendous. However, after making his debut in his last outing, Louis’ sterling performances in both games gives him STAR OF THE WEEK. Well done!

I also had the same missed call and text from Sean (ooops) and I will apologise to all if I caused confusion (the email had the destination and my late text had the time). This week it is a change to the original planned training session. On Sunday 15th December 2015 we now play Wigan at home starting at the normal time of 10:30:00. The warm up session we did on Sunday even though there was little concentration seemed to go some way to getting the kids focussed on the matches that followed. If possible can you turn up a little early and we will try and run through some drills before the game.

A further reminder for raffle ticket money/stubs to be returned on Sunday please plus it’s the kids Christmas party following the games. (How that works when we have other teams here I have no idea!!) Please remember to provide a wrapped selection box for your little rugby star and also £1 towards the food (may ask for assistance in collecting the money). In addition if brothers and sisters want to join in, it’s the same cost of £1 plus don’t forget to provide the additional wrapped selection box.

See you all next week at home at 10:30.

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