U7s V Blackburn (Home) 19/01/2014

Better late than never but “what happened on Sunday?????????????????????????????????????”

The above was my total match report for team A. I am still in shock. I think that was our worst game of the season by far!

We had a couple of players, Harry, Peggy and Louis missing but other than that everyone in attendance. We also had another new (very shy) face … Welcome Joshua!

The warm up did not go well and set the scene for the entire session. Concentration was minimal as a number of the squad were more intent on messing about.

Team A consisting of Archie, Joel, Lewis, Michael, Reece and Tyler managed by myself.

Game 1 against Blackburn 1 saw a 4 per side match and Blackburn run riot for 20 minutes, we could not catch, passing was good, if you count passing to the away team and picking up of loose balls was none existent with the home team seeming frightened to pick the ball up.

Taking the positives (thinking …) Joel, Reece and Tyler all made some excellent brakes, scoring in the process. Lewis took some great tags, Archie eventually got into the game scoring three tries. When we did actually have the ball and made the breaks the support play was excellent.

Game 2 against Blackburn 2 was a little (not a lot) closer, this time in a 5 a side match. The same ball handling (or lack of) continued and nobody on the home side wanted the loose balls. Again the support play was good but not enough to win the game.

STAR OF THE WEEK was a choice between two. Archie played well in both games (once switched on) and was trying to organise the defensive lines. Well done but the messing about at the start of the session took the shine off a very good display. Taking the STAR OF THE WEEK is Tyler. It’s the first real match he has got “stuck in” and scampered away for a couple of well taken tries. Well done and keep it up.

Team 1 consisting of Ben, Lucas, Max, Mitchel, Owen and Zac managed by Martin

This team fared better and game 1 was an even match. Ben’s typical strong running and full on tackling (aren’t we supposed to be playing TAG rugby) taking the game to Blackburn.

The second game was shaded by Blackburn. Mitchel joining Ben in staring roles.

STAR OF THE WEEK goes to Ben with Mitchel a close second. Well done.

In the reverse of this fixture we played well and probably shaded all the games but on Sunday we just did not turn up and to be honest I am a little disappointed.

Just as an update I had an operation on my knee on Wednesday and a repair to a tear in my meniscus was completed. Recovery is underway but I will not be down on Sunday.

Next week is a training session at home starting at 10:30. Plenty of work for Martin to do after Sunday’s performance.

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