U7s Training – Sunday 19th October 2014

Ever the optimist I thought we were in for a soaking on Sunday but not so … the weather held up nicely.

For the first time in training this season, we had numbers at U7s and so we split the U7s and U8s.
A big Eccles welcome to Max and Oliver in the first (of many) sessions swelling the U7s to a respectable 8 (plus 2 or 3 MIA).

After a gentle warm up to try and get the concentration working (no chance!!!!) we had a quick game of “Heroes and Villains” followed by some shuttle runs and an attempt at the Eccles hokey cokey (over, under, in, out shake it all … you get the picture), then back to shuttle runs.

I don’t know whether to be dismayed at the behaviour as they all wanted to get involved in the 4 million push-up punishments that Gav was dishing out or to be impressed that they wanted to go over and above on doing exercises to get fitter.

The rest of the session tried to focus on getting the ball away from the tag area to give the receiver a little more space. It worked in some instances but the slow play of the ball from the tag is still something that needs to be worked on.

The game at the end was made a little more interesting with a very narrow pitch to stop the one man rugby.

STAR OF THE WEEK. I know I always say its difficult to pick a STAR OF THE WEEK but this week it really is as there was no outstanding performer. In general concentration was not good and lots of messing about (lets hope that that goes away for next weeks game). Looking to the positives … The newbies Max (all shyness gone now, no excuses next week) and Oliver got straight into the exercises from the start, Josh (we don’t need surnames or nicknames any more as only 1 Josh in the U7s) was evasive in the Heroes and Villains plus both Peggy and Michael got to grips with passing away from the tag area. My STAR OF THE WEEK goes to Sandy. He was in the winning team for the shuttle runs (for some reason I was shouting “BALL IN TWO HANDS!!!!!!!” in my sleep), performed well in the handling and passing plus had that twinkle in his eye and determined look whilst running and scoring in the corner in the end game. Well done.

Next week we have a home game against Trafford MV. Usual time of 10:15-10:30 please.

Darren & Gav