U7s Training 23/02/2014

As the squad numbers ebb and flow, thirteen turned up for training on a grey Sunday morning at Gorton Street.

With no Tyler, Louis took the heroes and villains title (plus a piece of the Astroturf in his final run).

Drills this week were all around passing. In the last few weeks offloading the ball has been fine with the exception the pass is directly backwards rather than left or right (but still backwards!!). This gives the defence a better chance of tagging so moving the ball wider is important. Performances in the drills varied from accurate replication of what was asked from Mitchel, Lucas Louis and Lewis to others simply “messing” about (no names mentioned!!!!!).

In the numbers game the thing that stood out for me was some of the handling when first picking up the ball, Josh (no not going to back to last week, he was the only Josh there) and Omar providing prime examples.

STAR OF THE WEEK has been given for different attributes over recent weeks, whether that be for a piece of skill, enthusiasm, attitude or in this week’s case something that just caught my eye as “natural ability”. During one of the passing drills (Martin passing to receiver, passing to second receiver and then passing to myself) Ben was firstly the only one to take the ball on the run at more or less full pace and also his line of running was perfect to beat a waiting defender! This was not a one off but every single time. Well done and congratulations.

Next week is an away game at Tyldesley (Astley Street, M29 8HG). It will be a round robin event that also includes Bolton. Starting time will be 10:30 but as usual please, if possible, be earlier so we (I mean Martin) can go through a warm up. Martin will be taking the kids as I will be in Newquay (with my wellies). Sean, if you are available can you give Martin a hand.

Good luck.

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