U7s Training 15/01/2014

One word for last Sunday “Brrrrrrrrr” (is that actually a word????). Regardless of the cold, which saw the cancellation of other training sessions due to frozen pitches, we had a good turnout. Joel is still not well and we may need to send him for a warm weather recuperation session in Egypt. Lucas was also not well. Welcome to Sandy on his first session at Eccles.

This session we needed to keep the kids moving so mixing it up with fast running games and drills was key. Tyler again was the ultimate supervillian. I think it must be his size that keeps him under the radar of the superheroes to get across!

We continued with the extended pop passing drill plus revisited correctly picking up the ball with a wide leg base. There was an interesting development in the ball handling drill, the team consisting of Mitchel, Reece, Peggy and Tyler instigated their own communication chants to identify which way the ball was to be moved. The organisation of the team saw them romp all the way to the end winning the race at a canter. Very impressive guys and the sort list for star of the week is down to 4!

There was no end of session tag rugby game, “What!” I hear you cry, “that’s outrageous”. Martin introduced a different game, two opposing teams and each team member has a number. The ball is put into play an a number (or numbers) shouted and a phase of play ensues. With two or three from each team in play the support is necessary and also made sure everyone got involved.

Start of the week, taking into account the ball handling exploits and his (list down to 3) speed off the mark in the end game always getting to the ball first to ensure that his team are attacking, goes to Mitchel. Congratulations and well done.

Next week we welcome Blackburn to Gorton Street. If possible please arrive for 10:15 so that we can warm up with a few drills etc to blow away the cobwebs.

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