U7s Training 01/12/2013

What an excellent training session!!!! A lovely winters morning, the sun beaming down and the squad, in the main attentive and interested. What more could I ask for.

The session was the usual mix of games and rugby drills with maximum effort being put in. The support and pass drill was stepped up by adding a defender to hurry the ball carrier. Instinct then kicked in and the offload became much crisper. In addition we started to look for and pass to the man in space (easier said than done!) I think we still need to work on simply passing the ball forward and back through the line of hands though. That was a bit of a “disaaaaartser darling” (said in my best Craig Revel Horwood accent.)

The session as usual came to an end with a game of tag. The teams were evenly balanced at 6 in each team and without tags the emphasis was more on attacking rugby rather than defending. This included 2 much bigger (who said “and much older”?) kids joining in for the attacking team in an attempt to spread the play and highlight the open space available. During this game there was some excellent support play.

Star of the week is difficult with a number to choose from! Max was at his energetic best and full of running taking the ball on every opportunity (what would you expect after being cooped up for 10 days due to injury). Tyler became the ultimate Super Villain showing great balance, speed and agility to evade all of the heroes. Ben and Lewis both stood out as natural leaders on the pitch, talking and organising when in the defensive line.

The point of today’s exercises was to be available and in space to therefore trying to hit gaps in the defence. Two players stood out as always being available, away from the melee round the ball and waiting for the pass. Therefore I have not one but two stars of the week (yes in a training week, who would have thought! They don’t grow on trees you know). So Congratulations to Archie and Reece. Both were, on many occasions, holding their positions where others moved in close to the ball carrier. This then offered the wide pass for the potential try. Well done and I expect to see more evidence of this on Sunday.

Next week we are away at Bury. Parking is again limited so need to be early to get onto the car park:
Radcliffe Road
Greater Manchester
Tel: 0161 764 1528

To Jn 17 of the M60 turn left towards Whitefield and keep going!!! https://maps.google.com/maps?saddr=BL9+9JX,+United+Kingdom&t=h&hl=en

Many thanks to those parents who took club raffle tickets to sell. For those who were not there last Sunday I will be after you! Can you please have the ticket stubs/money returned to the club by Sunday 15th. They can be handed to me or Monica or left behind the bar in an envelope marked for Monica’s attention.

Finally a reminder of the kids Christmas party. It will be held after training on Sunday 15th December. The club will subsidise food and entertainment and the will be a cost of £1 per child which I will look to collect on Sunday (got told off for the Halloween one for not having the money in soon enough.) In addition can you also provide a wrapped selection box for your son/daughter to open at the party.

That’s enough from me for one week, see you all on Sunday.

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