U7s NOT vs Bolton/Widness (Home) 16/03/2014

What a disappointment! This should be a match report but instead will be a training report as neither of the allegedly “bigger clubs”, Bolton and Widnes, could raise an Under 7s team whilst we had 19 in attendance including 2 new faces. A big Eccles welcome to Jessie and Charlie.

In anticipation of a mini tournament we had already split into 2 teams:

Team A consisting of Josh (Big), Josh (Curly), Josh (Little), Lucas, Max, Omar, Reece, Tyler and Zac managed by Martin, report as follows …

First task was to get the kids calmed down as they were expecting a game.

My training group consisted of 2 sub-groups – the 3 Josh`s, Zac and Tyler being one and Max, Lucas, Reece and Omar being the other

We started with a simple ball handling drill of one  receiver taking ball from me in the middle, running past me and then passing backwards to their partner. This proved somewhat difficult to some of the group, as they found running with the ball in hand a struggle… we got there eventually and managed to complete a full run-through without dropped balls/forward passes.

Naturally, the lads now wanted to play Heroes and Villains (as ever – that’s the game that stimulates them the most). I decided we would do some shuttle races first … a bit of competition is always good – all were determined and put I good effort. We need to work on press-ups though – some poor attempts!!

Heroes and Villains saw Tyler do well as usual….I was caught with about 3 lads to go – unfair as all the heroes targeted me again…!

The numbers game was good with some good handling, as Sean and I tried to encourage quick early passes away from contact.

Well done boys on a potentially difficult day….. My STAR OF THE WEEK was “big” Josh for good concentration throughout, good running and particularly good cover defence in the numbers game

Team 1 consisting of Archie, Ben, Charlie, Jessie, Harry, Lewis, Michael, Mitchel, Peggy and Sandy managed by myself.

In light of nobody to play against we started with some running, ball handling, more running and more ball handling before having a game at the end.

I think this session was more brutal than any match as the players started to drop like flies and tears in abundance. Jessie retired as sick (thanks Sophie for sorting her out), Harry was (in his words) “injured five times in half an hour”, Michael had the odd broken bone plus tender none repeatable “other places” and Sandy gained a 27 inch gash on his knee diving in for a try (I do keep saying “stay on your feet”) but did return to the game with his typical steely determination.

In other match related events, Charlie looked good on the odd occasion he ran forwards (seemingly a theme from other match/training reports), Ben was his usual industrious self and Peggy constantly wanting the ball “Can someone pass it to ME!”

STAR OF THE WEEK from team 1 is Mitchel. Full of running, great enthusiasm and a joy to coach! Well done!

Next week is a normal training session rather than a “match not happening” training session. As usual 10:30 at Gorton Street.

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