u12’s v Ashton on Mersey Sunday 2nd October 2016

The first match of the season saw us travelling to Ashton on Mersey on a clear sunny day. We was delighted to have a full squad of 14 players many of them apprehensive and yet excited to be playing another season.

A slow start to the warming up session due to players catching up with the weeks events. With five minutes to go players line up eagerly to start the game. Eccles captain for the day Joe wins the toss and ops to kick! Nick kicks deep and Eccles slowly wander up the pitch. Slowly gaining momentum spectators see some great play by both teams before Ashton on Mersey score three tries. Just before half time Patrick runs ahead scoring Eccles first try. As the second half starts Eccles battle well and some excellent play is seen by all players. End to end play with every player giving 100% and tackling to gain possession. Patrick and Nick raced across the width of the pitch to catch Ashton on Mersey’s fast runner who after being tackled by the mighty two and landing near spectators feet. Spectators applauded loudly and the referee praised Eccles for a great tackle. Ashton on Mersey gain control of the ball and score a forth try. Eccles are happy to receive the ball which is collected quickly and passed down the line to Matthew. Matthew twists and turns and dives for the line and places the ball on the ground. Ashton on Mersey pick up the ball and Matthew shouts out “Where is the line” The players coaches and referee shout out the white line. Confusion cost Eccles a try and saw then saw them concede a try instead making it Ashton on Mersey 5 Eccles 1.

Eccles receive the ball that is bobbing on the ground and Annie and Evan drive forward.  Nick gains possession dragging three players he fends players off only to throw the ball with very little power which enabled Ashton on Mersey to gain possession.  Matthew then gains possession and sprints towards the try line placing the ball across the try line to score a try for Eccles.  Scors Ashton on Mersey 5 Eccles 2.

Ashton on Mersey continue to battle and score another try making the score Ashton on Mersey 6 Eccles 2.

The final whistle is blown and everybody agreed Eccles u12’s had a great start to the season.

MOM Mason

MIP Patrick