u11’s v Trafford Sunday 4th October 2015

Great start to the year, 14 keen and eager players arrived early to prepare for the first game of the season at home against local team Trafford MV
11am saw Trafford kick off with end to end play, just before half-time Trafford made a break to take the lead 0 – 1.
Eccles kicked off the second half. Spectators saw some fantastic play by both sides as Eccles made some great passes allowing Luca to collect the ball and race along the wing. Trafford tackled Luca but it was all in vain as a touch judge declared Luca had scored his first try.
Trafford took the kick, yet more great play is seen with Trafford being tested by Nick and Annie who were both on top form ripping the ball from Trafford players. Trafford’s determination helped them to score two consecutive trys.
Eccles continued to battle with Joe and Matthew making some great runs down the wings. Harvey R and Harvey W make some excellent passes allowing Evan to gain possession and pass to Patrick who ran up the wing dodging the tackles to score the second try for Eccles.
Score 2 – 3.
As Trafford kick off Eccles collect the ball Kai, Alex and Bradley work as a team and make some good passes for Harvey R to collect the ball and equalise the score 3 – 3.
Trafford kick off and even though Eccles stumbled to collect the ball Charlie dives to gain possession, unfortunately Trafford gained possession quickly and scored the 4th try of the game 3 – 4.
Eccles kick off and Trafford collect the ball with some huge defensive hits being made by Eccles the ball is passed to Kody who with the help of his team mates drives up the pitch. The ball is passed to Harvey R who runs down the wing to equalise the score. Two minutes left on the clock, all spectators applaud as the ball goes from end to end as the referee blows the whistle for the end of the game.
Result 4 – 4. Great start to the season.
Thanks to Boo, Paul and Kev for coaching and Boo for refereeing a great game.