u10’s v Bury away Sunday 12th April 2015

A nice sunny Sunday morning saw Eccles travel to Bury with 6 players supported by parents/carers and 1 injured player.

Bury kindly loaned Eccles 4 players.

Eccles kicked off and quickly took the lead with some superb passing which helped Joe score the 1st try for Eccles.  Bury kick off saw Eccles players showed improved defensive skills with the ball being passed to Calvin who scored 2 tries.  Bury quickly took KO only to hit the Eccles defence spilling the ball which allowed Rio to gain possession sprint down the wing to score Eccles 4th try.

Bury battled hard to score a try only to see Eccles players make several good passes allowing Rio to score Eccles 5th try.  Some excellent defending from Patrick saw the ball being passed to Calvin who scored a further two tried.  Eccles 7 – Bury 1.  With some great play by Charlie and Annie the ball lands in Evans hands who drives down the pitch before Bury steal the ball only to be stopped by Patrick passing the ball to Calvin who draws two Bury players to him and passes off to Gabrielle who scores Eccles 8th try.  Bury kick off, some great defending by Eccles sees Calvin run the length of the pitch to score Eccles 9th try just before the whistle is blown for half-time.

Second half saw Bury kick off only to meet the wrath of the Eccles defence as Ernie feeds the ball out to Rio who raced down the line to score a try for Eccles.  Eccles 10 – Bury 1.  Bury take kick off, the strong defensive play by Eccles overpowers Bury players with Calvin scoring the 11th try for Eccles, followed by Rio scoring the 12th try.  As Bury kick off some great tackling by Patrick and Ernie see Bury taken into touch, this leads to Ernie and Calvin passing to each other as they sprint down the line with Ernie taking the try.  Bury dig deep and score their 2nd try.  Rio scored a further 2 tries for Eccles with Bury following to score their 3rd try.  Eccles continued to show some excellent play which saw Ernie score the 16th try for Eccles.  Some great defensive play on the Eccles try line saw Bury drop the ball just before the dead line, Annie managed to step the ball out and Bury kicked off five yards from Eccles try line.  Eccles continued to defend hard unfortunately for Eccles Bury managed to score their 4th try.  Eccles kicked off to see Calvin score a further two quick tries before Bury scored their 5th try.  Calvin then scored Eccles 19th try followed by Rio and Calvin scoring the 21st try for Eccles. Final score Eccles 21 – Bury 5.

Man of the match – Calvin         Most improved player – Patrick