u10’s Tyldesley 4 7 u 10’s Eccles 12.10.2014

Sunday 12th October 2014 saw Eccles u10’s travelling to Tyldesley on a cold foggy Autumn morning.
Calvin quickly put Eccles into the lead after some excellent defensive play by Eccles players. Tyldesley very quickly evened the score followed by a second try to take the lead.
Eccles players continued to make some great passes which enable them to feed the ball to Calvin who sped down the wing to take his second try with ease.
Tyldesley applied pressure which enable Eccles to show they have developed good defensive skills which resulted in Matthew receiving an injury to his mouth and Tyldesley scoring a try while Matthew was still on the ground.
Eccles players felt cheated when the try was allowed and was determine to show they are no easy pushovers as Ernie took the ball and made a try to equalise the score to 3-3 just before the half time whistle.
Second half saw Tyldesley take the lead by 3 trys to 4. Determined Eccles players continued to push forward and Calvin scored three more tries to bring the score to Eccles 6 Tyldesley 4. Matthew continued to push forward and scored a try within the last minute. Final whistle Tyldsley 4 Eccles 7.
All boys put 100% into this game and should be congratulated on the result and team effort.
Man of the Match – Joe
Most improved player – Evan