U10s Ormskirk RFC vs Eccles RFC


U10s Match Report – 14th January 2018

Ormskirk RFC vs Eccles RFC  


Players: Joseph, Sandy, Michael, Alfie Mason, Alfie, Max, Thomas, Owen, Finley, Flynn


Perfect rugby conditions for our trip to Ormskirk and the Eccles team didn’t disappoint, showing great attitude and determination throughout the whole game. The game kicked off with some great passing and defending by Owen and Joe, stopped by a strong tackle from Ormskirk. From the ruck, Sandy showed quick thinking to move out to the wing and pass to Alfie Mason who got a great run into space for the first try of the match.

Over the next few minutes, both teams battled well in midfield, however, excellent defensive play from Max and Thomas held Ormskirk back for a minute but some great passing from their players allowed them to break down the wing for their first try.

Eccles re-started with determination and with strong team tackles from Alfie, Joe, Flynn and Finley all scrapping for the ball. After a loose ball from Ormskirk, Eccles won back possession with Tom powering through Ormskirk’s defence, the ball was again dropped and picked up by Ormskirk. However, a quick rip from an Ormskirk player saw Sandy pushing on to get try number two.

Despite early possession, Ormskirk were forced back towards their own half, after the Eccles defensive wall of Tom, Alfie, Max and Joseph put more pressure on Ormskirk.  Following a scrum, Alfie managed to get the ball to Alfie Mason who wriggled through the Ormskirk defence to get our third try. Brave tackling by Max, Joe and Thomas and super forward runs from Alfie Mason to score another fantastic try which took us to the half time whistle.

From the restart, Eccles made more great passes and tackles, featuring Michael, Max, Owen,  Finley and then out wide to Alfie Mason to power through for his third try of the match, taking the score to 1-4.

All the boys showed strong determination and positive play to keep Ormskirk in their own half, with some great tackles from Max, Joe and Thomas, with Owen, Flynn and Alfie pushing back.  From the ruck, Sandy took possession and passed to Alfie Mason who went on to score our fifth try.

Despite great defensive awareness from Max, Ormskirk’s possession saw them get their their 2nd try of the match. The final stretch of the game saw tackles from Sandy, Flynn, Finley and Alfie and a final pass to Alfie Mason who scored try No 6 seconds before the final whistle.

Final Score 2-6