U10s Eccles RFC vs Sefton RUFC


U10s Match Report – 15th April 2018

Sefton RUFC Eccles RFC 

Squad: Connor, Flynn, Joe, Michael, Owen, Sandy, Tomas and Tyler

Eccles RFC U10s turned up today and were so quick off the blocks that the match reporter barely got her pen out to see a quick pass from Sandy to Owen to score Eccles’ first try in the first minute of play. The next 5 minutes saw positive play from the boys, putting lots of pressure on Sefton to get out of their own half. Good pressure from Joe and Tom and a wide pass out to Tyler from Michael saw Eccles get their second try of the match. Despite strong surges by Connor and Flynn, a loss of concentration from ERFC saw Sefton pick up a loose ball to score their first try of the match. Good positive reactions from the whole team though and great determination in the tackles from both sides. From the ruck, an ERFC ball passed quickly by Connor to create quick interplay between Joe and Sandy who passed to Owen who just missed the line due to a determined Sefton side putting in the tackle. Undeterred, the whole team pushed on – Owen, Tomas, Flynn and Joe putting in some great tackles and winning the ball, found Sandy surging through Sefton defence to score the third try. Despite momentum lying with Eccles, Sefton again sneaked in to score two consecutive tries. A clever tackle from Tom followed by a quick steal from Sandy who passed to Connor who calmly found Tom to let him get his first try of the match. In the following quarter, Sefton took quick possession to score again and move into the lead before the half time whistle.

From the restart, clever interplay between Flynn, Michael, Sandy and Joe and a final pass to Michael from Tyler to score another try. Followed quickly with a key tackle from Flynn to Owen to find Michael who attacked with lightning speed to score a consecutive try. With a few more subs, Sefton’s fresh legs saw them surge ahead and score a couple of tries. The last 5 minutes of the second half showed strong determination by the Sefton boys but great team spirit and organization from Tomas and Flynn saw Sandy just edging over the try line to score Eccles 7th. With more confidence, Eccles U10s began to challenge more balls and push forward with contributions from Connor, Joe, Tomas, Owen and a nice pass out to Tyler in space, giving Eccles their eighth try of the day. Nearing the end of the match, Eccles unfortunately let down their guard to allow Sefton through to equal the match.

Final Score: Sefton RUFC 8 – 8 Eccles RFC

Men of the match: Tackling, passing and rucks were much improved today. Therefore, the whole team gets a mention here – well done boys!