U10s Eccles RFC vs Ormskirk

U10s Match Report – 26th November 2017

Eccles RFC vs Ormskirk RFC


Players: Joseph, Sandy, Michael, Alfie Mason, Alfie Thomas, Owen, Tyler, Finley, Flynn

On a very wet, cold and muddy day, the game kicked off with some good passing out to Tyler on the wing, who got a great run in for the first try of the match.

Play continued and Ormskirk had some great passing allowing them to break down the wing for their first try.  Cold and slippy hands seemed to start affecting Eccles, with Ormskirk stealing possession and making a fast run for their second try.

Eccles started, losing possession early on, but with a scrap for the ball, Eccles won the ball back.  Tom took possession and powered through Ormskirk defence, pushing on to get try number two.

Possession with Ormskirk, who got a great run through towards the line, but met the Eccles defence wall of Sandy, Tom and Joseph, who were excellent in pushing Ormskirk back along.  Following a scrum, Ormskirk managed to squeeze through, taking the lead with their third try.

With the restart Eccles made some great passes, with a quick short pass from Michael to Tom, for Tom to power through for his second try of the match, taking the score to 3-3.

With the game at level pegging, Eccles tried hard to defend in all the mud, with some great tackles from Tom and Mason, with Owen, Flynn and Alfie pushing back.  Sandy took possession and powered on with Ormskirk hanging off him yard after yard.  The ball went out to Mason for a brilliant run, just missing a try.

Ormskirk stole possession to take another try just before half time, taking the score to 3-4.

Second half started with a great run from Finlay, passing out to Mason for a near try.

Another great run by Sandy the Freight Train, who pushed on through, what seemed to be, the whole of the Ormskirk team.  Alfie took possession and had a great run, but was out of touch just before the try line.  Ormskirk’s possession getting them their 7th try of the match.

Eccles cold hands got the better of them, struggling with defence, allowing a further two tries for Ormskirk in quick succession.

Eccles came back with Finlay taking possession of the ball and making a great run, ending in the 4th try for Eccles just before the final whistle.

Final Score 4-7