u10’s 9 – Sedgley Park RUFC 9 Sunday 1st February 2015

12 Eccles u10’s players travelled to Sedgley Park on a very chilly morning.

Sedgley opened up the scoring with little defensive play from Eccles players.
Eccles then seem to wake up allowing some quick passes before Calvin collects the ball and sprints to the Sedgley try line to equalise 1-1.
Sedgley kick off and push towards the Eccles try line. Nick rips the ball and passed it to Ernie who runs down the line before being tackled. Nicks rooks over which allows Patrick to gain possession and run towards the try line, only for the ref to blow his whistle. Sedgley makes the most of the turn over and score their second try.
Eccles kick off and players drive towards Sedgleys try line enabling Calvin to score his second try 2-2.

Sedgley dig their heels in as Ernie makes a great tackle running through the two teams. Eccles coaches are called onto the pitch as Ernie takes a knock in the mouth and lies flat on the ground.

Sedgley steal the ball at the Eccles try line to score their 3rd try.
Eccles kick off and players show some great team play passing to each other until Harvey gains possession and runs half the pitch length to equalise 3-3.
Sedgley dig deep and keep up the fight for the ball. Nick makes a good tackle with Calvin and Matthews support. Matthew gains possession and as he is tackled the ball battles his way forward. Sedgley tackle and score their 4th try.
Eccles kick off, Joe gained possession and battled through Sedgley defence to score his first try of the match, equalising the score 4-4.

Sedgley take the kick off, kody makes a good tackle and Annie collects the ball quickly passing it to Calvin who sprints two thirds of the pitch to score a try which enabled Eccles to take the lead 5-4.

Sedgley make the most of Eccles tired legs and score three quick tries before Calvin scores a try for Eccles 6-7. Sedgley continued to challenge Eccles and scored their 8th try.

Eccles kicked off and some quick passes allowed Calvin to gain possession and race down the pitch to score Eccles 7th try. Eccles showed some great defensive play which paid off when Calvin scored Eccles 8th try.
Sedgley score again but that didn’t stop Eccles players from gaining possession and passing the ball to Calvin to equalise. Final score 9-9.

Man of the match – Ernie
Most improved player – Nick