U10’s 9 – 3 Sedgley Park 27.09.2014

Sedgley Park started the game on a lovely sunny morning scoring the first try in the first few minutes.

Eccles returned the pressure in great style with several excellent passes which allowed Calvin to equal the score.

Sedgley Park had possession and Eccles very quickly applied pressure.  Nick ripped the ball and several sharp passes from team members saw Calvin score his second try.

Eccles continued to gain possession which allowed Calvin to race to the touch line again.  Great pressure by Sedgley Park as they strived to get to the touch line, a great tackle by Ernie and Nick saw Sedgley Park drop the ball and allowed Joe to collect the ball and pass it to Patrick.  Sedgley Park tackle Patrick leaving Calvin to collect the loose ball and score a good try.  Eccles leading 4-1 at half time.

Second half starts with Eccles getting closed down by Sedgley Park.  Sedgley Park quickly take the ball to open the score in the second half.  Eccles take advantage of the ko as they make several passes before the ball lands in Calvin’s hands as he runs down the wing leaving Sedgley Park standing to score another goal.  Patrick, Nick and Harvey continue to rip the ball and Calvin scores two more trys.

Sedgley Park put pressure on to get to the Eccles try line before Nick and Matthew make an almighty tackle that sees Sedgley Park drop the ball.  Olivia collects the ball and runs the full length of the pitch to score a well deserved try.  Sedgley Park push forward to encounter a strong tackle off Cody, Eccles continue to perform well as a team and see Calvin’s 8th try of the game.

Sedgley catch Eccles napping and finish the game with their third try.

Final score Eccles 9 – Sedgley Park 3

A quick 10 minute game after the main match was played that saw Calvin score 4 trys before Sedgley Park scored a try which was counter acted by Matthew scoring a great try.  Final score Eccles 5 – Sedgley Park 1.

Great start to the season, all u10’s players played really well.