Tyldesley/Orrell U10s -v- Eccles U10s

Another Sunday and another big test in the shape of two strong teams in Tyldesley and Orrell awaited our under 10s!

For the second successive Sunday (the third if you consider the Rossendale Tournament!) , a round-robin style fixture provided the boys with the game time they crave! ….. and for the second successive Sunday, a logistical distraction provided the first mental agility test!

As Orrell warmed up on the grass away to our left, we faced up to a Tyldesley side, ready to lock horns! After our hosts won the toss to kick-off, they did exactly this: kicked off with a wonderful drop kick from the opening whistle! Amidst the confused looks on our boys faces, the ‘Bongs referee stopped the game to confirm which age group the Eccles boys represented! Despite the answer informing our host ref we were U10’s and about to compete against Tyldesley U11s…. our boys didn’t think this would be a problem! Relax…. the game was ‘abandoned’ and we migrated across to the other playing surface to face the correct age group, but against Orrell!

Now to the game:

Orrell 5 – 4 Eccles.

Eccles Squad: Ollie. Matthew. Jack. Scott. Shayne. Johnny. Adam P. Maxwell. Adam. Danniel. Carter. Jake (Tas). Shayne. Evan

We managed to secure the services of the first referee to officiate in this. It was a good few minutes however before he was adding the first score to his notepad (Erm, do they still do this?!) as Orrell declared their intentions with some good strong tackling, followed be a well taken try!

With Jack, Matthew and Maxwell looking to make some in-roads through the middle, the game plan took some time to come into effect as the Orrell defenders took an offensive tactic which stopped the trio gaining territory. With Danniel  off-loading from the scrum half position, Ollie took a pass to the right before gliding back the opposite way to the left. Jack came in close support as Ollie set up the ruck, Danniel continued the attacking wave from the base and fed Matthew. A good surge through the gap left Matt with the line at his mercy to even the scores.

This is pretty much how the game flowed from this point. Johnny had a great start on his wing and Scott just knew he could do some damage up the opposite wing if he got the ball. Orrell pulled into a 1 try lead before the break.

In the second period, Carter came on after Max and Tas both took heavy knocks in contact. Ollie threw a superb pass out to Scott, after great work from Jack, for Scott to flash up the wing, stepping inside as though he was stepping on a kitten, then finished neatly, planting the ball over the line. Back came Orrell as they stopped the Eccles attack close to their line. A huge tackle on Jack got the Orrell unit playing on the front foot and they deserved their lead when it came.

Once more, Eccles looked for an immediate strike back, again with Carter heavily involved. Matthew rucked cleanly for Jack and Ollie to link up again. Two good passes and Maxwell… (back on after some encouragement from mum Tracy!)… took the pill on the crash to level things. Adam came on for Scott on the wing and, in only his second game, showed bags of confidence as he looked for the opportunity to exploit the gaps out wide. With a quick drop of a shoulder, he eluded the defender with only open grass in front of him to claim a superb try in his first of three on the day! Evan made some great runs deep into the heart of the Orrell defence, and Tas was always a nuisance until he had to come off injured.

Orrell’s response was to dig-in and counter attack. A loose ball provided the channel to launch up the right hand side, as their quick winger blasted off from a standing start to level score again. It may have stayed like this but it was only ever going to be a one-try advantage to take this game.

A great contest played in a wonderful spirit with tremendous determination from both teams, but Orrell worthy of their winning margin.

Tyldesley 3 – 7 Eccles:

With little respite between the games, Eccles now faced [the correct] Tyldesley team!

Historically, these two teams have always enjoyed some great rugby played with traditional, honest commitment. This was no different.

And again, the first score was a good while coming. Tyldesley drove straight into the Eccles defence and set up a good clean ruck. With some delightful handling and lines of running, they took the advantage to squeeze into a 1-0 lead.

Eccles were well warmed up by now and knew their best was yet to come. Jack and Matthew peeled a move from their top drawer with some wonderful support for each other. Matthew used Jack as a battering ram, binding neatly onto him as he drove for the line to bring the boys level. The next Eccles try again followed some great work from Shayne this time. A good angled run into the contact area saw the ball slipped to Ollie. With a number of defenders in front of him, he took his alternative route just to hit the smallest of gaps to put us into a lead. This was the swing that was needed. Adam P, on after Johnny got a split lip, took a great pass from Jack out on the left. His second try stretched the Eccles lead. ‘Bongs attacked from the restart and claimed a wonderful try for themselves, but the Jack and Matt combo struck again to add to the scores.

Adam came on to replace Scott and held his position to force the Tyldesley attack wide. The ball was carried into touch and Danniel took the restart to shift the ball to Carter. Matthew came onto it to link with Jack who then spun it wide for ‘Pikey’ to claim his hat trick! Jack also added to his tally to claim a hat trick himself and Scott bagged his second of the day.

Some of the Eccles tackling was wonderful… and it had to be… from Ollie, Jack and Carter in particular.

This weekend throws up another good contest against very good opponents in Widnes and Marple.

Sunday 8th November: HOME -v- Widnes/Marple. KO 11.00am

No ‘Comedy Gems’ this week as the games were played at such a high intensity, there was little room for comedic endeavours!

Thanks to Phil from Tyldesley for hosting us and refereeing!