Tyldesley U16’s vs Eccles (BS MD4) 1st December 2013


Tyldesley V Eccles Under `16 s Blacksticks  1st  December



Eccles turned up to Tyldesley with a close eye on their unbeaten record and an ambition to improve on the final score from the last closely contested fixture at home which resulted in a draw.


Play started with Jack coolly collecting the kick from Cammie , leading into  Tyldesley s first period of  attacking play , which following a  confused spell from  Eccles who appeared to be trying to find the tempo but seemed to struggle to settle after Paddy was involved in an incident which meant he had to retire injured, was soon converted into points, first try to Tyldesley – but no conversion 5 – 0


Play restarted and was more evenly contested with each team containing the action at the half way line ,Goso claimed the ball at the next line out passing out to Jack , onto Bob over to Keaton who was looking for the opportunity to score and Eccles were starting to  look brighter .


Josh was up at the next line out and Cammie was kicking to gain ground on but fell foul of tackling too high on his follow up , although he incurred a penalty Tyldesley didn t convert it into points the score was  still 5- 0


Josh and Wes were contesting the line outs but unfortunately Tyldesley were putting together what looked like some well drilled handling and it paid off with their 2 nd try but again no conversion 10 – 0


Eccles seemed to be out of sorts but showed how they are maturing as a unit as they continued to look for a way to get points on the board ,which was demonstrated with a spell of good handling and  team play from when  Wes,  Cammie and  Ivan put together a good run and were nearly over the line  there but not quite .


Another good spell from Eccles following a scrum under the sticks , with Dean chasing to drop passing  on the ball over to Daniel Smithin , then some good handling from Keaton, Jack, Jordan , Cammie and Ivan who  almost converted  the pressure  into points  , but it was into another scrum instead .


Jack whipped the ball out from the scrum to Keaton who was running along the line determined to break the defence , then it was there  on the far side he blasted through and touched down , with a cracking conversion from Jack the score was 10 – 7


Play continued as Tyldesely were  putting together another attack,against play     Wes intercepted the ball in his own 25 yrds and off loaded  onto Cammie who booted it and chased with Keaton following up and closing down play with a big hit ,then Keaton and Josh top and tailed the next man to stop the next play from Tyldesley  .


Eccles were pushed into a defensive position with Cammie forced into having to collect and touch down behind his own sticks for a scrum too close to Eccles line for comfort, the Tyldesley handling was slick and despite Eccles trying to push them out as far as possible the pressure built and to the point of no return and they were over for a try  in the far corner but no conversion 15 -7


Eccles weren’t despondent and were  still trying to create opportunities and   looking to link up , Jjack, Cammie and Keaton  got together leading an attack closely followed by Josh, Bob , Wes  and Ivan, which resulted in Ivan going flat out and over in the corner,  complimented by Jacks conversion 15 – 14 and its getting interesting .


Play restarted but following a fumble there was another scrum , Danny Wilson was off like a flash on a bursting break over to Josh but Eccles were not in the threatening half and Tyldesley managed to gain possession which started a probing period of play , as Eccles held the line forcing Tyldesley to pass up and down the line until they created the break through which they scored from and converted 22- 14


Jack , Cammie and Ivan had another go at  putting together  attacks for the  line as did Joel who broke through 3 tackles before he was brought to a halt , Danny Wilson had a couple more of his fast as a  flash runs , Bob and Goso were having a go at a run s too ,and  Keaton Josh,& Nathan were on the brink of breaking the defence . Eccles were pushing Tyldesley who were getting a little anxious as the pressure built and score line was getting tighter  , conceded a penalty for a high tackle which Jack duly converted 22-17 .


As the match was coming to a close Nathan ended up copping for an injury to his knee and the final minutes seemed to fly by with Eccles holding on to the score which was a reflection of how well they had held onto  the maintain the margin, with the final score 22-17.


Mum s bit which this week was in consultation with a few peeps from the Eccles camp , in summary following today s match it was remarked that it would be worthwhile  looking at how many points were lost by dropped balls, penalties  incurred  and possession that was given away, all things which can be worked on .

The team is clearly maturing and developing as a unit and  credit must be given for maintaining their discipline and composure when they were under pressure from a well drilled and at times slick opposition , more work on the decision making and tactics will improve the opportunities to get more points on the board which will hopefully result in a win for Eccles next time these two sides meet  .