Trafford MV u8s – v – Eccles u8s. 30.03.14

Eccles Squad; Danniel. Ollie. Alfie. Finn. Adam. Ben. Ethan. Johnnie. Charlie.

All the planning and preparations were complimented by the weather (for a change!) on Sunday, giving this attractive fixture the prospect of a decent game of running rugby.

Well, that was the plan; I suspect once we stopped worrying about the midges and mosquitoes that appeared to be only attacking the legs, arms and heads of our boys, TMV had put the game beyond any reasonable contest.

The Eccles curse of not reacting to the first whistle at the start of the match struck again – TMV showed their early intentions with a swift tag count of 6 before taking possession of the ball and replying with a well taken try, followed by two more without reply! 

In fairness, our boys looked to dig deep with some hard running into the contact area, but it was the lack of cohesion through the team that was to cost them. Ben, Ollie, Ethan, Danniel and Adam tried desperately to cut a line through the MV defence but were constantly forced wide and occasionally into touch. Finn, Alfie and Johnnie took some great clean tags and Charlie popped some wonderful short passes out of the tackle to keep momentum going.

It was the MV ability to support their ball carriers that kept their score count rising. With their direct lines of running sucking in the Eccles players to create the gaps, their game plan should serve as a lesson for our lads to aspire to.

Maybe it was a ‘fete acomple’ for Eccles; MV were blessed with enough numbers to put a second team out with fresh legs which proved just a little too much for the Gorton street lads. Despite this, Adam scored a belter and Ethan swerved his hips this way and that to finish nicely over the line. Ben got his name on the score sheet after picking up a ball from his feet on the move, and Johnnie swept down the wing from a restart evading the MV tag takers to score in the corner. Danniel had a great game and Ollie ‘snaked’ in for a couple of tries.

MV were deserved winners and a pleasure to watch at times. No excuses from our boys despite being without four regular players, and a lot to work on in training when it comes to supporting the ball carrier!

Big thanks to Stuart fro TMV and I know both teams are looking forward to next season!   


Sunday 6th April; Training. 10.30am. Please try and make it. All welcome including new players.