There’s a marquee on the pitch, you must think it’s all over, well it a’int.

First, well done to all who made the Marquee week end such a success. That includes the organisers, the people who helped set up each day, the bar staff, the drinks waiters & waitresses, the entertainment, the flower arrangers, Shaun Baines and his crew for their impersonation of Eye Candy, and not to forget those who actually bought a ticket.

Thursday was the usual quiet night out for the “Ladies”. Friday night was enjoyable with a new format to the speeches which I thought went down well. Shame there was no Loyal Toast though. Didn’t get in till 4am, apparently, there are two 4 o’clock’s in a day.

Looks like we hit just about the right number for a comfortable, manageable night on the Saturday. No more mad panic behind the bar trying to keep up with the drink orders, no more cramped eating conditions, no more complaints from the tables that they can’t get a drink because the young kids are running flat out serving so many people, no more running around the Marquee collecting empties to keep up with demand. Didn’t get in till 3:30am this time.

Come Sunday morning I felt as if I’d been on a rugby tour; sleep deprivation, alcohol abuse, all I lacked was a beaten and bruised body from a game of rugby. At least the Joker card was found, Sue Baines had it all the time (only joking, joking get it). The Mini & Junior presentations went well, with two teams missing due to them having to playing in a Final (well done to them). Their presentations will be this Friday night in the club, no reason for not coming down and showing your support.

Second, to which I alluded in my opening line. The rugby season may be over for us, but for the rugby world it never sleeps. As I say every year, the club is like the Windmill Theatre, (no I’m not referring to the dancers) it never closes.

Keep your eyes peeled for full details and updates on all events taking place through the summer at Eccles RFC.  i.e. England Tour games, Lions Tour games, Beer Festival.

Now to the garden.  Will, get the grass cut, Matt, stop pretending you’ve got hayfever and come and give a hand.


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